Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nursery Reveal


Emily was enjoying a long nap this afternoon, so I figured it was about time I finish things up in the nursery and get a reveal post up (especially considering she is almost 6 weeks old!).  She has actually been enjoying nights in her crib a few times now since she’s quite a noisy sleeper, and if she’s having a good night, it’s easier on mama to have her in her own room (which is honestly like 6 steps from my bed).

I’m realizing now I should have tried a lot harder to get the nursery reveal done long before she arrived, as it was much harder now to find the time to get it tidied up and arranged how I wanted it (plus we had her window replaced yesterday, so everything got shoved out of the way).


If you  remember, I created a polyvore of the elements I’d like to include in her room:

Baby's Room



For the most part, I managed to stay pretty true to this vision, picking up a few items from IKEA and online, and refinishing a dresser we had in our bedroom.   The room colour is Rice Grain by SW (which has since been used by The Nester in her living room!).


It all started with her bedding.  We tried to pick a neutral bedding that we could use again in the future if we were having a boy, so we went with one that had greens and browns as the primary colours and that had a neutral theme of leaves.  It seems a little bit more on the feminine side to me now, but it might be because we’ve filled her room with other girlie things.

crib 2

Here’s the bedding in her convertible crib and the sleep sheep that helps lull her to sleep each night.  Strangely, it has a ‘whale call’ as one of the settings – I’ve never heard of that as being a white noise for babies before!

Due to the fact that she’s not supposed to have any blankets on her for the first year if possible, I put the quilt that matches her bedding set on the wall above her bed.  It functions as art and I don’t have to worry about it hurting her if it falls of the wall!

crib 1


Next, we picked up a BILLY bookshelf from IKEA.  I looked forever for the set of doors for the bottom and was concerned when I learned that they had been discontinued.  Luckily, I stopped in at the North York IKEA on my way to pick up Craig from the airport for his leave (and Emily’s birth!) and found that they had some of the doors still in stock!



I’m so glad I found the doors as they provide additional diapering, bath and medical supplies storage without it being seen.  I’m intending to get some different knobs on the doors so that down the road when we’re baby proofing, we can latch it shut.


The rest of her diapering supplies are on the top of her dresser along with the change pad.  I purchased the two IKEA wall lights for above the change pad as a friend of mine said they are great for night time diaper changes as they provide enough light to get the job done but it’s diffuse enough that it doesn’t wake the baby too much.  I’ve found the pink one really useful for when I’m breastfeeding her in the rocker – she doesn’t even notice the light but I can see enough to guide her on properly.  Above are the letters I painted and had Craig put up a few days before she was born.  It’s a good thing we didn’t have a surprise (boy) the day of!

change table 


I showed you the curtains and rocker before, but here they are again:

 curtains 9


The closet still needs some work in terms of organization, and I think I’d like to get a second bar underneath and get rid of the cubbies, as she’s got lots of cute stuff to hang up, and will have even more with the colder weather that’s approaching.  Her winter coats will be moved to our front coat closet in a month or two. :)  My organization system for her clothing has become a bit overwhelmed because of the sheer generosity of our friends and family (4 showers!), but I’m slowly finding ways to organize and store everything.


My mom found this great cubby shelf on sale a few months ago, so I picked up some green bins from Walmart to match the carpet and filled them with toys, decorations still to go up, stuff that I may re-gift, and extra diapers that people have passed on.

cube shelf


I used the top of it to display a pretty plant we were given from Craig’s company overseas.  An etsy seller was selling prints like the one I made for her name below for over $30 dollars, so I used Photoshop to make one that’s similar, and spent only 2.49 for the 8x10 print.   I didn’t leave quite enough of a border, so I may reprint it again in the future, but I think it’s a really unique way to display and remember the details of her day.  I also used a shadow frame to display the TINY hat they put on her at the hospital (that seemed big at the time!) and her hospital bracelet.  I got the frame at Dollarama and painted it to match her room.

name art


It’s not being displayed in her room at the moment, but here’s a BEAUTIFUL quilt Craig’s Aunt Hope made for her.  It matches our couch perfectly, so it’s in the living room for her tummy time right now.  She even hand stitched her name and the date on one corner, so it’s a great item to get lots of use of then put in her keepsake box for her to share with her own kids down the road. :)

hope quilt


I still need to get the mirror and other art/photos up above the cubby shelf, as well as something for the wall behind the rocker, but otherwise, I am pleased with how the nursery has come out.  The bookshelf as probably the most expensive item other than her crib, and both can come with us when we move and are flexible to our needs in the future.  The crib can convert to a double bed frame (it’s a sleigh bed style) so after all of our kids have worked their way through it, we can put it in a future spare bedroom or even use it in our bedroom if we feel like the queen size bed is feeling a little large once we’re no longer welcoming little ones in the middle of the night!


A tour of her room wouldn’t be complete without a shot of the girl herself in there!  I showed you a photo the other day of her in her crib, so here’s a photo of her lounging on her comfy green rug.

em in room

Being very patient while Mom shuffles around trying to get the perfect shot!


I hope you enjoyed her room tour as much as I enjoyed collecting ideas and making it become a reality.  It was such a joy to create a warm, comfortable space for her to grow and learn in!


Sue said...

So pretty and Emily is FABULOUS!


Stacy said...

How adorable!! Just wondering what you hung the quilt up with. We're having a little girl in November and I loved this idea, but would rather not put nails through the quilt. Thanks!

the cape on the corner said...

aww, it looks great! love that bedding, and that bunting you hung. such a sweet little baby! happy new parenting!

Lucy Marie said...

The room looks so great! Such a cozy space for Em.

Laurie Jones said...

Very pretty, both the room and baby!!

Teena said...

sooo cute and inspirational! <3


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