Monday, June 7, 2010

63: organizing as we go

I’m sorry yesterday’s post didn’t go up until today.  I’ve been using Windows Live Writer and the past few days it seems to keep messing up when posting to blogger – most days I’ve caught it before the night is over but yesterday I didn’t even think to check.  Thank you for coming back today!

One thing that is helping me to keep my sanity and help me to stay distracted while Craig is overseas is to be constantly working on projects and organizing our house, even if I’m not in the middle of a nesting urge.  After yesterday’s shower, I’ve implemented a few more storage solutions to help keep everything under control and make everything we’re receiving easy to find.

Motherhood We already have some drawers packed with clothing for our little girl – between my (and my mom’s) weekly visits to yard sales and the yesterday’s shower, we could probably clothe her for the first few weeks!  We’ve also received some outfits that will fit her in the coming months, and even a few outfits for next summer when she turns 1 (amazing to think about!) so I’m trying to limit what I put in the drawers to what she’ll be wearing in the summer and early fall months.

clothing season organization

Sitting open in a corner of her room, I’ve got XL ziploc bags (from the Dollar store) with labels on them stating whether they are for Fall/Winter clothing (approx 3-6 months) or for Spring/Summer clothing (approx. 6-12 months).  I may have to start a few more bags depending on how much clothing we receive, but I’m hoping this system will help prevent us from missing the window of time some of these cute outfits will fit her, and as well make it easy to throw something into the next bag if it still doesn’t fit her (and wont’ for a while).  We’re not sure how are little one will grow, but this storage system is flexible and cheap enough ($1.25 for 2 bags) that it can change with our needs.


Another recent storage addition is this cube shelf we found on sale at Zellers.  It is in the ‘espresso’ colour which matches her crib, and we’re able to organize anything we need to on there, from books to diapers (disguised in bins), and it’s short enough that it doesn’t overwhelm the room and keeps to the simple open design we’re hoping to achieve.  I’ve got some storage totes in there I picked up at the dollar store – who knows if they will stay.

cube storage


Lastly, here is some of the organizing I’ve been doing in her drawers and closet.  As we get closer to the time she arrives and we continue to receive more stuff (blessings!), I may have to shift some of the drawers around to accommodate what she’ll need and where it’s most helpful to have it, but for now this works and I love keeping it organized!

Her dresser right now has 4 of the 6 drawers in use, and each of the drawers have a bit of a theme or designation to them.

Diapering drawer:

diaper drawer


Onesies and shirts drawer:

onesies drawer


Booties, bathing & nursing drawer:

boots bathing nursing


Pants and sleepers drawer: 

pants and sleepers


Her closet is slowly getting organized as well, but it is also being used as storage for her extra stuff that doesn’t have homes yet, as well as the decorations and wall hangings that still need to go up.

closet 1 closet 2     

And lastly (for real this time), I just wanted to share a picture of these cute little booties I got yesterday.  The only problem with going to these showers now is it make me want our little one to come right NOW, but I’ve still got 2 months to go!




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Lucy Marie said...

Wow you are SO ahead of me. All of baby's stuff is still stashed in the deacon's bench and our spare room is still that - the spare room. No hint of baby. Oh well, now that I'm done my defense, it is BABY TIME!


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