Tuesday, August 3, 2010

6: painted wall letters

I have been searching FOREVER for all of the letters of her name, and I finally checked the small non-franchise dollar store that is downtown in my town. They had every single letter of the alphabet in stock AND they were under $2 each. Yay! I also picked up some more craft paint in cute colours.

I have resolved to not share her name on the blog (which has been HARD because we decided on her name way back in March), so I can’t show you complete photos of the project or you clever people would be able to figure it out!

letters 6

Just your plain old pine (birch?) wood letters.

letters 2

I chose these colours because they were cute and sorta babyish but not so much that I’d have to repaint them in a year or two. In fact looking at them now, she could even use them in her room as a teenager depending on the colour she paints it!

letters 4

Oh gosh, I wish I could show you all of it. I really, really like how the letters look just painted solid colours (I was going to do some mod podging or paint on some dots or stripes or something), but as well I am so, so happy with the name we have picked for her. It is classic and simple, and it’s cute for a baby and well suited for an adult.

You’ll just have to wait though. Hopefully we’ll be holding our baby in our arms in less than a week, and can introduce her and her beautiful name to the blog world!



Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Such pretty colors! I so can't wait to find out her name. Gosh, you are due so soon!!!!! Yeah!!

Lucy Marie said...

I painted that very same E last week :)


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