Monday, August 2, 2010

7: 9 months!

We have finally arrived!  Today we have reached the 9 month milestone in the pregnancy, and we have one week left before we reach her due date and the 40 week mark.

I can’t believe how fast the past 9 months have gone!  Now admittedly I didn’t even know I was pregnant for the first 2 months, so that shortened the time considerably.

9 months

How far along? 9 months / 39 weeks

Total weight gain: 20 lbs

Maternity clothes? Heck, yes!  And some of hubby’s wife beaters for sleeping/use as tanks!

Sleep: Crappy.  Really, really crappy.  It’s not really even being uncomfortable or having to get up to pee a lot (although those both contribute for sure).  It’s more just that I.Can’t.Sleep and no manner of relaxation cd or reading before bed seems to help.  Luckily I’m off work now so I can sleep in in the morning and take naps on the couch throughout the day.

Best moment this week:  Hearing that she is finally dropping down into my pelvis.  Labour might still be off a little bit yet, but it is coming!

Movement: Hasn’t slowed down yet.  She’s started to turn a bit and doesn’t shove her feet out my right side as much anymore, but there’s still a lot of movement throughout the day.  Evenings are still her most active time though.

Gender: Still a girl we hope!

Labor Signs: No braxton hicks or real contractions as far as I can tell (although the midwife told me that some people don’t even notice the early, painless contraction in their belly’s.   I’ve been taking a homeopathic for softening of the cervix, and have been losing my mucus plug (sorry!) in bits and pieces for a week or two.  She’s dropped quite a bit supposedly (down from 39cm at the 37 week appointment to 36cm at my 38week last Wednesday) although I personally don’t think it’s all that visible.  I do feel a bit smaller though, and it is SO much easier to breath and eat.  Unfortunately she is sitting down on my bladder now, so I am peeing all the time and sometimes when I sit down or squat it feels like I’m about to give birth to her out my bum.  I’m sorry, that’s just how it feels.  My next appointment is on Thursday and we’ll find out then if I am dilated at all.  Hopefully they’ll be able to do a stretch and sweep!

Belly Button in or out? Finally an outtie.  It’s really soft though and I can easily push/suck it back in.

What I miss: Skinny feet and ankles.  Putting on socks easily (or at all some days).  Wine and sushi.  Sleeping on my tummy.  But ALL of these are back within sight!

Weekly Wisdom: Those days when you feel like relaxing but you have the energy to do something? Get up and do something.  The last few weeks of pregnancy can be tough on the body and you don’t want to be finishing things up at the last minute when you’re body is aching to lie down with your feet up.  Having a husband/man servant at home helps though!

Milestones: Reaching full term and the end of the pregnancy I guess.  Seems like a pretty important milestone!

Special update: Our countdown to Craig’s arrival home is pretty much over!  I am currently driving down to Toronto so I can pick my hubby up at the airport in the morning.  No more worrying about going into labour before Craig gets home!  I’ve planned some posts for the next few days to cover me while Craig and I take some much needed private (and romantic!) time together in our last few days as a childless couple.

9 months 2 What do you think?  Is she dropping?



Lucy Marie said...

Enjoy your time together. I'll be anxiously awaiting the news. You guys are in my prayers.

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

9 months! Wow, how incredibly exciting! I feel excited for you! Right now you are probably will Craig and I hope you both are just having the time of your lives. I'll be praying for you as well. Can't wait to hear the happy news! Yeah!

Teena said...

thankyou for the honesty of your posts on this subject! <3


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