Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5: pacifier clips

clip 6 Ribbon pacifier clip

I have not yet perfected the art of the pacifier clip, however I made a few attempts the other day that I think are post worthy. I couldn’t find any alligator/sheet clips for under $20 for 4, so I made due with the clips that are on the curtain rings I’ve got lying around.

Beaded pacifier clip

clip 1

Beads (preferably hardy plastic – glass beads are heavy!)
Elastic thread (jewellery grade)


1. Thread the beads onto your elastic thread, keeping the length to approximately 9”.

clip 2

2. Attach one end of beaded string to clip, making sure to use a slip knot to ensure it doesn’t come loose.

3. On the other end of the string, create a loop so that the pacifier clip can be easily attached to (and removed from) a pacifier.

clip 3 4. If desired, embellish the clip end with felt or fabric shapes or bows.

Ribbon Pacifier Clip


Grosgrain ribbon
Needle & thread


1. Measure out approximately 9” of ribbon, with a little extra for your hemmed ends. Hold ends near (not in!) a flame to prevent fraying

clip 4

2. Fold over and stitch both ends. Use a contrasting thread if desired.
3. Attach a small loop of narrow elastic to one end of the ribbon.
4. On the other end of the ribbon, attach with elastic or thread to clip.
5. To create felt flower: Cut out petals from one felt sheet and a contrasting centre from another. Sew together in desired shape and then sew on to clip end of pacifier.

clip 5

It’s easy enough to create a fabric strip or find a solid ribbon that will match any outfit you’ve got for the baby and it’s definitely a quick craft. If you’ve got a special event and outfit you’re planning, what could be cuter than a matching pacifier clip!



Anonymous said...

Aren't the beads a choking hazard? But they are still really cute!

Jen @ Canadian Rhapsody said...

That's why you have to use jewelery grade cording so that it can't be snapped. Don't just use thread/elastic.

Pacifier clips in general are just going to irritate the baby once they're able to find it and put it back in their mouths themselves, so there's not too much risk of it getting yanked on either.


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