Friday, May 21, 2010

81: some great finds

garden light night

I’m sorry this is going up a day late.  I had to work late yesterday and then Grey’s Anatomy happened. 


Yesterday I got the chance to head to the tent sale I was mentioning on Tuesday (sorry to redirect you there again…) and picked up a couple of cute items.  I didn’t get anything I’ll necessarily use for the baby’s room, but there were some great items I can use all around the house.

First, I picked up these garden tea light holders (they would probably look nicer if I took the time to take the tags of the bottom).  It was $5 for 3 of them, and they’ve got cute punched tin designs on them.


garden lights


Next I picked up a new phrase sign thingy.  This new one says Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today.  I actually don’t mind the saying that’s on it, but I also bought it so that I could possibly paint over the phase and stencil on the saying I want over the baby’s crib - “Angels danced the day you were born”.  I purchased the stencil on Ebay a few months back and have been trying to decide whether I’d like to do it right on the wall or if I should stencil it on something I’ll be able to move around the room later (and take with us to a new house down the road).  Regardless, the sign was $5.



Finally, I picked up some nice framed mirrors ($5 and $3 dollars) and a little flower pot ($2).  The mirrors are pretty multipurpose – I can use them for layering frames on bookshelves, lying flat under flowers or candles as a centerpiece, or on the wall if I’m doing an arrangement of frames.  The flowerpot is going next to my sink with whatever flowers I’ve picked up lately (i.e. picked at the side of the road).


mirrors and pot

Oh!  I also got two containers of Sweet Pea room spray.  If you’ve ever smelled the Sweet Pea lotion by Bath & Body Works, it’s very similar.  I’d spray it on my body if I new it wasn’t harmful to the baby!


Anyone else sit riveted through Grey’s Anatomy?

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