Friday, May 21, 2010

80: new clothes

Today I drove to Barrie and visited some of the maternity stores in the area.  I’ve picked up a thing or two so far, but most of the stuff I’ve been wearing has been borrowed from others and a lot of it is way to big for me.  As in it’s size L and larger and I found out today that I’m a size S in maternity clothes (can I be pregnant forever, I haven’t fit in a size S in years!).



I won’t tell you how much I spent, but I’ll let you know it was a ginormous amount for me.  I haven’t gone ‘clothes shopping’ in about 3 years, so to spend that kind of money all at once was a bit eye opening.  One of the reasons I’ve put off shopping for some well fitting maternity clothes is that we’ve been paying off our debts and it was more important to me to get those paid off as soon as possible.  Now that the debts are gone forever, I wanted to pick up a few things that would make me feel comfy and pretty when I start getting large (and probably swollen) come the summer months.

Here are some of the clothes I tried on at the one store.  I’ll try and let you know when I’m wearing the clothes I’ve purchased in future belly posts. :)

maternity 1

Sorry for the crazy eyes! 


maternity 2

This one’s actually a nursing shirt, but if fit great now and has lots of stretch in the belly.

 maternity 3

Holy belly batman!

All in all I bought a padded (wireless, hallelujah!) nursing bra, 4 shirts, 2 tank tops, capris and a pair of jeans.  Oh and a book.  And I can’t shop for a month because I’m clothes broke.   The jeans and Capri pants were splurges for sure, but all of the shirts are ones I can still wear after the baby comes, either for nursing or for once my body has shrunk back, as a lot of them have ruching on the side and are a very stretchy material.  Oh, and I can wear them for future babies. :)  Definitely not a waste of money!

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