Tuesday, May 18, 2010

83: a (pre)breastfeeding development

Today’s post will be short but not so sweet.  And pictureless – you’ll thank me later.

A warning to male readers (if I have any) that you may want to stop reading.  This post is about boobs and lactation!


Somewhere around the 17-18 week mark I was watching a video on breastfeeding and it mentioned that some women have inverted nipples.  I was pretty sure that that was not the case for me, but I squeezed my breast like it showed in the video, and while my nipple indeed stayed outward, it also had some sort of liquid form at the nipple.  Isn’t that a little early?  It was just a clear liquid so it wasn’t actually colostrum (or breast milk, yikes!) yet, but it was still disconcerting considering there was still another 22 weeks until they needed to be ready.  I asked around to a few people, and supposedly it’s quite normal for your breasts to start working on the ducts and secreting what will eventually become colostrum.  In fact, I was reading my weekly email yesterday about the changes in my body at this stage, and it said that your breasts may start secreting colostrum this early, and that if you do the ‘hand expression’ technique on your breasts, you may see some yellowy orange liquid.  And after checking again (am I strange?) indeed I do!

I may be venturing into the are of breast pads earlier than I expected, as supposedly if there is enough secretion or moisture, it can cause chafing and irritation.  It hasn’t been a problem yet but there’s still 12 weeks left, and things seem to be developing quickly.

Did anyone else experience something similar while they were pregnant?  I’ve had a lot of friends who have had difficulty getting the hang of breastfeeding or things didn’t come together very well in the beginning and I’d like to know if maybe my breasts’ current preparations means things will be set and ready to go come her birth day.  Maybe that’s just wishful thinking?


On a less female body oriented note, if anyone lives in Ontario and will be in the Georgian Bay area this weekend, the Country Affair Candle Factory in Meaford is holding their semi-annual tent sale from Thursday-Saturday.  I went last Thanksgiving and got some great home decor items; this time around I’m hoping to find some nice smelling candles and some small items to help decorate the baby’s room and our guest bath (which I did a small makeover on in the fall and still haven’t posted Before and After pics…).  Please check out the sale if you’re in the area.  You won’t be disappointed!!



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Lucy Marie said...

Oh I wish I could go to the tent sale. I always go to the fall one but I've never made it to the spring one.

And ... yes, I started "the leak" last week.


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