Wednesday, May 19, 2010

82: updating light fixtures

149218259_53e9767929 Are these in bloom around your house too?  Gorg!               Source: AriCee

Today was my first pre-baby vacation day!  I’ve got quite a few days I’ve got to use up before I go on Mat leave, and had to take the afternoon off anyways for appointments, so I made it a full day and got to sleep in.  Life’s too busy to do that on weekends now!

I had my prenatal appointment with the midwives, found out I don’t need to do the Glucose Screening Test (unless I really wanted to I guess) as I’m negative for all risk factors, and heard the baby’s heartbeat again (150 bpm).  The midwife also showed me where the baby was lying and I got to ‘feel’ her head.  I’ve spent the rest of the evening reclining and feeling around my belly for other parts.  I don’t think she liked it very much as she flipped over so her back and bum were sticking out at me.  I’ve asked for a video camera from my lovely hubby for my birthday, and maybe then I can show you some of the crazy things she does to my belly.


Anyways, before I headed off to my appointments, I decided to finish a project I’ve been meaning to get around to for a while.  A few months after we bought our house, we updated some of the light fixtures.  We decided to get a lighted pot rack to put above the island to maximize our storage ability.  It seemed like a great idea for a while, but lately it’s been irritating me a lot.  The island is what we use for a table while dining, and the pots and pans always hung a little low to make sitting there comfortable.  As well, it was visually quite large when hung with pots, and since our living room and kitchen are technically one room it was a pretty dominating sight when you walked in, considering it’s at eye level.

pot rack A few months ago I had found a chandelier for $10 at a local factory outlet.  It’s not perfect, but it seemed like it would be a better match for our space (despite our storage needs). 

So, despite the fact I had about an hour before my first appointment AND I was in the middle of making a meal for my friends who recently had a baby, I decided I should change out the light.  I don’t have any ‘during’ photos as it didn’t quite go according to plan (the chandelier was actually wired with a cord and plug, so I had to splice it and figure out how to hook it into the box’s wiring) and, no surprise, ran out of time before my appointments.  I finished it up without too many hiccups once I got home, and now it’s proudly lit over the island.

The other reason I wanted to change out the light is that there wasn’t enough room under the pot rack (with pans hung) to have the baby sit on there in her bumbo when it comes the time to start feeding her solids.  As well, we’ve always been concerned about how much weight the pot rack can handle and I don’t want it coming crashing down with a baby in the house, whether she’s sitting under it at the time or not!


Disclaimer: Please don’t tell my mother-in-law.  She’s under the impression I shouldn’t be doing anything around the house without assistance and wouldn’t be too impressed I didn’t call her over.  Certainly not that I was climbing up on the island and working with electricity (it was shut off at the box, no worries). :P  Who says a pregnant woman can’t DIY!

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