Wednesday, July 25, 2012

preparing for 2 under 2

Ok, so that’s mostly a joke since I’ll likely only have 2 under 2 for about a week before Emily turns 2, but I don’t think passing that milestone is really going to make life that much easier.  I’ve known for a long time that getting into the habit of having daily morning and evening routines would make my life easier and my house much cleaner.  We’ve already made the decision to put Emily in nursery school a couple of mornings a week so that I can go grocery shopping and get some deeper cleaning done around the house AND spend some quality time with our new little boy, but I needed a way to make that time at home more efficient so that our afternoons can be spent enjoying each other and not with mommy cleaning while Emily complains.

Domesticity does not come naturally to me.  At least not the cleaning portion of it.  I don’t like the feeling of dirt and crumbs on the floor so I Swiffer Vac at least twice a day, but messes seem to come out of nowhere and take over sometimes.


Lately I’ve been using an app called Home Routines.  It actually comes preloaded with a lot of the Fly Lady routines if you’ve ever gotten into that, but I deleted a lot of that off and streamlined it to the routines and tasks that are important to keep this place running.  You can set how often you’d like the stars in your lists to clear, and how often individual lists show up.

I really liked this cleaning schedule I found through Pinterest, but I found I was a lot more likely to get the upstairs tasks completed if I did them all before I went downstairs for the day, so hanging a list like that on the fridge would just end up adding to the clutter on there.

So all I did was input the morning and night routines as lists that show up and reset daily, create a weekly tasks list that shows up daily but resets once a week, and create a ‘swing day’ list that is hidden until the day it needs to be completed and resets once a month.

My lists ended up looking a little different than the ones above, just because I wanted things organized a little differently, but overall it’s been working pretty well for us.

If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad, you should check out that app, it may just change your life!

I wasn’t compensated at all for this, and Home Routines has no idea who I am, I just really loved the product! Sometimes simple is better!

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Lucy Marie said...

I need to check this app out. Eva is done at her daycare when we move ... so that means I only have 3 more mornings. We are both going to miss it so much. She loves it. And I love it, let's be honest. I am hoping to find something else for her one or two mornings once we move because it helps us both. I think you're wise to do the same with Em!


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