Thursday, July 26, 2012

just Emily

The past few months we’ve been in Operation: Enjoy Big Sister, and we’ve gotten out to quite a few fun things with her. Tomorrow-ish (no guarantees as we’ve got a busy weekend coming up and we’re seeing Craig again!) I’ll post some pics from those adventures, and explain why my husband is away when I’m only a week or so from my due date. God love the military.

For today, here are just some more photos of our (still) only child and all of the laid back fun we’ve been glad to have with her since the fall.

Playing in the leaves at her cousin’s birthday party.  She doesn’t normally look this enthused at the situation.


Picking a pumpkin at Halloween.  With our handsome daddy.

 IMG_1192 IMG_1218

Moving from our first home together as a family.  Bittersweet.  And there’s four of us in this picture! (not that we knew it at ALL yet).


Our first time peeing on the potty.  In January.  Still seems just about as (un)interested in making it a lifestyle change.


More hair = bigger bed head.


Putting hair in piggies just adds to a little girls sweetness, doesn’t it?

IMG_1317 And clearly, putting it up with a clip makes them looking about ready to start kindergarten. Wah!


And here’s how we’d prefer to eat our breakfast every morning.  At least she’s good with a spoon!


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