Tuesday, June 5, 2012

7 month bumpdate


I’m a little sad I haven’t been documenting this pregnancy in the same way I documented Emily’s gestation.  Mostly, it’s because I’ve been a horrible blogger, but it’s also because this pregnancy has been nearly identical to my last.  I’ve been checking my posts from my last pregnancy to compare as we move along, so I figured it would be nice to have some posts about this one to compare to next time (Lord and Craig willing!).

How far along? 7 months / 31 weeks

Total weight gain: 8-10lbs (varies on when I weigh myself).  Last time I was 10 lbs at 32 weeks, and had gained around 22lbs by time she came, so I gain most of it in the last trimester apparently!

Maternity clothes? Yes for bottoms.  I still wear a lot of non-maternity tops (and can get away with it since I’m short and don’t have a very long torso), but that may not last much longer.

Stretch marks:  No new ones yet.  Last pregnancy I didn’t get any until my 40th week. Maybe I’ll be that lucky again?

Sleep: Not too bad actually.  I have pregnancy induced meralgia parasthetica, so whenever I’m lying on my side, I get numbness and painful pins and needles sensations on my thighs.  It takes a significant amount of time shifting around trying to find the exact position for my legs that doesn’t cause the nerve to be pinched, but once I’m asleep, it doesn’t seem to bother me and I’ll sleep right through the night.  I haven’t really needed my body pillow yet (even though we’ve got a king size bed now, making it much easier for me to cocoon myself with pillows without crowding Craig out), but I’m sure my hips and back will start aching soon and necessitate the extra support at night.

Best moment this week:  The nesting urge has started to kick in, so I’ve been attacking our box filled basement like a crazy person and have started to get my craft on for the baby and house.

Movement: Hasn’t slowed down yet.  She’s started to turn a bit and doesn’t shove her feet out my right side as much anymore, but there’s still a lot of movement throughout the day.  Evenings are still her most active time though.

Gender: A boy!  Have I posted that here before? It’s one of those funny things about pregnancy that I don’t understand.  Most of the online quizzes give the impression that your pregnancy will be vastly different with each gender, but I’ve had almost a duplicate pregnancy this time around with a whole different baby part in there.

Labour Signs: Lots of braxton hicks (which I didn’t get last time), but nothing indicating labour (thank God).  Baby is head down and hopefully will stay that way for the remainder!

Belly Button in or out? Innie.  And not really nearing outtie status yet.

What I miss: Wine.  Tummy sleeping.  The energy

Weekly Wisdom: Spend time with your feet up as much as you can.  Chasing a toddler all day is bound to induce some swelling, but I’m trying to keep my feet from doubling in size this time and hope this helps make it happen.

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Colleen said...

I followed you over from a comment on another blog, which I have conveniently forgotten, and was totally excited by this post because I love pregnancy. I am crazy with baby fever right now.

Adorable belly shot.

I missed wine more than anything while I was pregnant. I even started drinking some alcohol removed wine, which is totally not the same.


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