Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beating the Heat

The last few days it has been HOT around here (as in the hottest place in the province, and that rarely ever happens since we have the bay so close by to moderate things).  Yesterday the weather topped 35 degrees at one point, and since I’m pretty stingy when it comes to the air conditioning (who wants $200 power bills when they’re a one income family?), I decided Emily and I needed to spend some time outside in the shade.

Our setup looked a little something like this, with Emily spending more time playing in that bucket of water than she did in the pool.  DSC03478

We actually went outside twice, once in the afternoon and then again after dinner, and most of these shots are from later in the evening, as our afternoon jaunt was quickly thrown together when Emily got the afternoon crabbies and I was feeling ‘OMGwhyareyoulyingonme!’.

And internet?  This is what I went outside in in the afternoon.  With a little swim skirt on the bottom as well.

DSC03476 DSC03477Maybe consider this my 30 week belly update shot, who knows if I’ll post an official one! 

Emily is at such a super fun age now.  She’s still super petite (only 30” tall), but so into seeing and experiencing everything outside, even if it’s too big for her.  We live about 2 blocks from the local hospital and seem to be on the flight path for ambulance helicopters from the city, so a few times this evening she was screaming ‘hel-e-cop-er!’ and chasing it down the yard. 

DSC03479 DSC03480

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been snapping and setting aside photos to use during her wedding slideshow one day.  Just those super cute baby/kid poses that get a little embarassing later in life.  Like this one of Em’s bathing suit wedgie.  Also cute was the number of times she stopped to try and remove it to no avail.


I had dreams of starting a vegetable garden this summer, but it never really happened (despite some very healthy little plants I grew from seeds) because Craig never got any raised beds in the ground by the time the plants were ready to go in.  In his defence, he was waiting until we got a fence put up, which has taken longer to figure out than both of use expected. 

In the mean time, I’m so grateful that the previous owner seemed to have a green thumb and we’ve got flower gardens all over that have come up beautifully (as have the weeds, which I’ve tried to stay on top of).  Now that the tulips and daffodils have stopped blooming, I’ve had to do some research about what the heck to do with them, but I have NO IDEA what the rest of the plants are and how to deal with them….so the gardens might not look so nice next year.  Lol.  We’ll see.


In case you were afraid for the neighbourhood, I did put some more clothes on later:


They’ve been forecasting rain for days now, but I haven’t seen a single drop in over 2 weeks (although Craig’s been getting rained out where he is up north right now, and there is severe flooding in some parts up there!); hopefully we get a little something soon to help break this heat and to help my lawn. Things are starting to feel a little crunchy!

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