Friday, April 13, 2012

the one with all the lists

(alternatively titled: i should be studying.)

I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately. 

We sat down with a financial planner a few weeks ago, and realized that while we’re in no bad place financially, it would be a good idea to find ways to bring in more income if we want to start putting more money towards retirement, emergency savings, and building for our goals (such as finishing the basement, buying a tent/travel trailer for camping, and going to Europe (that one’s a loooooooong way off).  We also decided to do a ‘no spend’ April, meaning that we wouldn’t be buying any stuff this month, other than groceries.  Of course this is the month that all of the things I want are on sale!\

Anyways, since Craig already works full time and is often going up North for weeks at a time, and I am a stay at home mom, the burden to bring in some more income has fallen to me.  I already do some daycare out of our home and sell Avon, but it’s not consistent enough to put it under income in the budget and to be able to add expenses on the flip side.

As a result, we’ve decided for me to start training/working as a financial planner with Primerica (which is actually a good fit for me if you’ve being around her for a while and seen all of the financial/budget posts I’ve done (and loved doing!)), so I’ve been studying for the first half of my life insurance course this weekend (AND taking care of the daycare boys, AND spending most of the night up with Emily since she’s getting her eye teeth and teething for her means constant waking at night).  I pray for anybody who has 2 year old twins and a 3.5 year old, because that’s basically how I spend many of my days when other people’s kids are here (Emily is included in that), and maybe it’s just the pregnancy, but it exhausts me.

So anyways, here is everything we have to get done before the baby comes at the beginning of August (I’m 24 weeks tomorrow people!):

Baby stuff:
-Paint nursery
-Set up crib and change station
-Hang curtains and decorate
-Track down some boy clothes hand-me-downs from friends and family

House stuff:
-Paint living room and upper/lower hallways, kitchen, etc. (painted swatches have been up since January, yikes!)
-Paint/build benches for foyer/stairwell area and hang hooks for little coats
-Paint main floor bathroom (wallpaper removed in December)
-Finish upholstering our bed frame (since it’s currently bare wood and Craig finished it in December)
-Put up a fence around yard to contain our wild child
-Go through the sea of boxes in basement and start getting ready for our first yardsale!
-Fix deck out back
-Paint all trim in the house
-Paint/decorate Emily’s big girl room
-Buy bed frame for Em’s new mattress

Work Stuff:
-Complete life insurance course next two weekends and get over 80% on exam next weekend
-Take provincial exam following week
-Continue meeting with families in the evening to complete my field observation and start workign on my own
-Take mutual funds course after insurance course is out of the way, then start the exam/application process with the province

Meanwhile, I’m still going to be taking care of the boys and Emily, and Craig is away for chunks of time in May and June (and probably July for a few weeks).  So most of that indoor house stuff is on me to finish up.  yay.

I seriously just want to fast forward to August and have this baby here already.  I am still LOVING being pregnant again, it’s moreso that I want all of the preparations stuff to just be over with.  Despite Emily being fussy every evening in her infancy, I loved the newborn stage.  Newborn stage with a toddler around might not be as fun, so remind me of my love for it in August when I’m complaining!

Lastly, ever since (most) of my energy came back with the 2nd trimester, I’ve been trying to be a better housekeeper and to start taking more time for me (especially when it comes to getting ready in the morning and not just spending the day in pj’s or with no makeup and a mom bun).  I’m hoping I can keep those things up through these next few months as well as they’ve been making everything a bit easier since a clean house and feeling fresh and ready for the day make a huge difference in my productivity!

Please bear with me as I’m getting through these next few months!  Luckily we’ve got some vacations and time with family and friends on the horizon too, to make life a little bit easier.

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