Wednesday, March 16, 2011

lucky number 7

*I’m sure you’re all amazed that I’m getting this published closer to the actual day.*

IMG_0301People kept telling me that once babies hit 6 months, they start learning new things every week and WOW they weren’t kidding!  I’ve been busy marking down dates this month and literally EVERY week there is something marked down.  Teeth, rolling, rocking and scooting, and now, pulling up on things.

We started off the month with a beautiful tooth that I mentioned before, and then exactly a week later, a second one showed up.  Look at those beauties!  I hope she doesn’t have her mother’s mouth and teeth or else Craig and I have to start saving our pennies for orthodontics! 


Next we finally started rolling from back to front, although I think she’s had the ability to do it for a while, and just prefers to scoot around on her back or tummy, or just watch the world go by.  She is such a people watcher, especially when they eat, or when other kids are playing.  She’s been attempting to go from sitting to her hands and knees, and hopefully sometime soon she figures out that it’s her own feet that are in the way!

Just this past week she’s been grabbing on to things and pulling herself up.  Most times its pant legs and arms, but soon she’ll notice the ottoman and chairs around that are the perfect height and be circling around tables.  Not too soon though please!  We’re hoping to be out of this place and into someplace bigger before she gets too mobile.


We took her to the park when it warmed up a bit earlier in the month and Emily loved swinging in the baby swing.  Hopefully if we do get a new house soon we can put up a swing and slide in the backyard, although the place we’re scoping out has a park 3 doors down.


Emily will eat almost anything as long as its given to her in chunky form.  Following a few models of food introduction, this month (7th) we’re starting to munch on toast fingers with ‘jam’ (steamed, pureed fruit) and puffs to work on fine motor skills.  We still have days where Emily has NO interest in solids and clenches her mouth up at everything, even stuff in her own fist. I’ve started to notice though that those days seem to be days she’s drooling more so chances are she’s dealing with some gum pains from new teethies on the move.  All of the reading I’ve done has said that foods during the first year are more for introducing tastes and textures than for nutrition for breastfed babies, so I’m not going to make too big of a deal of it for the next few months.  We offer her food when we eat our meals (B-L-D) and she eats what she wants and leaves what she doesn’t.  Easy peasy.


Sleep?  I don’t even want to talk about that.  What happened to my sleep through the night, going down by herself baby?  And let me just say that Daylight Savings Time is not near and dear to my heart right now.

Now that the weather has warmed up we’ve been getting out on walks more often and hopefully the fresh air will help Emily (and mama) sleep better.

Speaking of which, we’re off to walk!  See you soon!


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