Friday, January 14, 2011

our beautiful girl at 5 months

Emily is 5 months old today and I’m once again wondering where the time went.  I think I need to put some post-its around the house to remind me to savour every moment because they are passing by way to quickly. 


Craig came home a week before Emily turned 4 months, and for a while the changes around here had her a bit unsettled (I’m sure all of the Christmas travelling didn’t help much either!).  She had been sleeping through the night but she slowly lost it, and by the end of our Christmas chaos extravaganza she had gotten her naps all out of whack and some nights wouldn’t go down to sleep until 1am (!!!!?!!!).  Not so fun for Craig and I when our evening are spent cluster feeding and rocking an out of sorts baby.

Anyways, here are some new developments and photos of the girl!

After her 2 month vaccination Em had a pretty rough week, so with our Christmas holidays coming up right after her 4 month birthday, we decided to wait until after Christmas to get her shots done.  Also, because she was on the smaller side when she was born, we waited a couple of week after the 2 month mark to go for her first ones and still wanted 2 months after that.  She went on the 6th of January and here were her stats:

Weight: 15lbs 6oz  She was around 14lbs at the end of November (a month after her 2 month appt) so she started slowing down just before 4 months which the doctor told us is normal.  She is still in the 75th percentile!
Height: 67cm = 26.5 inches  She grew 3 inches in height since the last appointment and is now in the 90th percentile for her height!

Em rolled over from front to back for the first time Christmas day in front of my siblings and parents.  We all cheered for her and I rolled her back over because Craig had missed it and she did it again.  She has yet to truly roll from back to front, but she’s pretty content when she’s on her back so I have a feeling it’s laziness more than anything.  Get that girl nude though and she’s a little wriggle worm!

Em’s bottom teeth are just about to come through I think.  We’ve been able to feel the ridge of the two teeth for about a month, and the past week or so her gums there have gotten kind of swollen so I think hope some progress is being made.

DSC02977Lately we’ve been making an attempt at sleep training to help Em get back on track in terms of her bedtime and sleeping through the night (she didn’t really get down for the night until 3am the other night b/c of fussiness, so Mama had had enough!), and also so that she doesn’t need to be nursed to sleep (my fault).  We’re doing the Baby Whisperer method and so far it’s been going really well.  I’ll post more later about how we’re doing it and our progress so far!

We’ve also started giving Em rice cereal once in a while at 4 months to gauge her readiness for solids, but despite the fact that she seems to really like the taste and ‘scavenges’ with her mouth for more, her tongue pushes nearly all of it out still, which is a sign that she’s not ready for it.  We’re still trying the rice once in a while, but we’re OK with waiting until 6 months or later to start solids.  We’re going the baby led solids route so Em won’t be getting pureed food for the most part.  Once we’re closer to starting solids I’ll make sure to update with some details on how and why we’re doing it!  Here’s the awesome chair strap thingy that I got that can fit over any chair (including Craig’s computer chair as seen below!).  It fits in the diaper bag so we can take it anywhere with us.


Lastly, we noticed over Christmas that Em is strong enough while standing now to completely support her own weight.  She can’t stand up on her own yet of course (but can pull herself up when you hold her hands), so it might not be too many months before we find ourselves chasing her around the house.  I might be really appreciative of having a small house with no stairs then! She’s also attempting to army crawl but doesn’t have enough arm strength yet to propel herself forward so she basically just froggy kicks the ground and inches forward that way. Smile



Lucy Marie said...

wow! She's growing so much. I love the pic of her sleeping. Where did you get that chair cover? I got a travel booster but it still takes up quite a lot of room and something like that would be awesome for when she needs a chair.

Lucy Marie said...

P.S. I also love the new header and that verse!


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