Thursday, January 20, 2011

10 things I love about my house

In light of my recent displeasure at our small condo, I figured a little thankfulness was in order.

My wonderful hubby reminded me that we have a warm home to come home to when many others are sleeping on the street.  So true.

10. a cozy fireplace to warm up with

9. big bright windows in the living room

8. lots of food in our pantry (enough that I’m attempting a pantry challenge this month)

7. a beautiful nursery for our baby girl

6. affordable payments when some are struggling to make ends meet

5. a big cozy bed to *ahem* cuddle in together

4. the ability to paint walls and make changes because it is our own

3. our ensuite bathroom

2. room to share a cozy meal with friends

1. all of the memories it has housed in the past 2.5 years; our first nights after our wedding, many meals shared together, get togethers with friends, bringing Emily home, etc.,

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