Thursday, October 7, 2010

breastfeeding in the baby wrap

If you’ve got a moby wrap or you’ve used my diy baby wrap tutorial, you may be interested to know that it is possible to breastfeed hands free while using the wrap.

I put Emily in the wrap when she got hungry and fussing while shopping in IKEA, and I continued to walk around the store, push that annoying cart, and grab glass canisters and coffee tables for my cart.  All while breastfeeding. Impressed yet?  It’s all in the wrap!

I explain things as I am going in the video, but if you need it I’ve included a written description below.

First, decide which side you’d like for the baby to nurse on while you’re getting your tasks done.  This is important because whatever side you are going to use, make sure that the fabric coming over your shoulder on that side is closest to your body when they cross at the front.  Make sense?  Otherwise, tie your wrap in the normal way, folding the fabric in half first so that you have two sides edges facing up in the tummy panel and you have two pockets at the front cross. The first half of the video shows how to do this.

Next, hold your baby on the side you’d like to nurse them on.  Open up the fold in the fabric on that side and lower the baby in gently.  Make sure the fabric is pulled up on both sides of them so they are in securely.  Next, position the outside fold of fabric underneath the baby’s bum so that they’re held in that position and they don’t slide down while feeding.

Finally, pull up your tummy panel of fabric (the ‘seat belt’) and cover the baby with it.  The baby’s feet will probably stick out the bottom if you’re pulling it up enough to cover your breast while feeding.

When I am going out to do some shopping with the baby, I like to tie the wrap on at home and wear it there so that the long arms of fabric don’t get dirty on the ground.  If I am wearing a t-shirt or tank covered by a zippered or buttoned shirt or sweater, I put it on over my first layer and then wear my second layer over it.  When I put the baby in I open up the outside layer so that she’s closer to my skin and warmth, and when I position her for nursing, it makes it all the more discreet.  If you’re wearing a t-shirt, it’s best to use one you can pull DOWN as you’ll otherwise be showing a bit of tummy if you don’t have another layer on top.  Nursing tanks work the best!  I like to bring my nursing cover around with me everywhere, and I find that really helpful to wear over her while feeding her and walking around with the wrap.  People may just think you’re carrying the baby and try and get a peek without it!

Once the baby is done nursing, I just put one hand in her armpit and another under her bum, and just slide her up a bit in the wrap.  I do this because 99% of the time she has fallen asleep b/c she’s so comfy and gets a good feed in this position, and I want her a bit more upright for her breathing and to help her burps float on up as I pat her back.  Make sense?


Please leave a comment or email me if you have any questions or need a better description.  I would be happy to do additional videos to help people understand specific parts of wrapping or positioning the baby.


P.S.  She totally farted LOUDLY half way through putting her in and you can see me laugh in the video if you listen and watch closely.  What a munchkin!

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Lucy Marie said...

I can't get the video to load on your post OR on you tube for some reason? Can you email me the direct link to where you have it on you tube? maybe that will work.


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