Wednesday, May 26, 2010

75: baby wrap

wrap header

Today we’re 1/4 of the way through the countdown! It’s been somewhat difficult to develop the habit of posting daily, but it’s been moving along pretty quickly and I’ve marked my google calendar with all of the projects I’d like to complete in the next 10 weeks.


I got off work early today because of earning some overtime working 13 hours yesterday. I decided that I’d use my afternoon to get started on one of the projects on my list, and ended up completing the whole thing – it was so easy!

Early on in the pregnancy I was looking into babywearing and the benefits of carrying your child close to you, especially in the first months of life, and I discovered all of the many slings, wraps and carriers that are available for carrying your baby. My two favourites were the Moby Wrap (and it’s variations) and the Up Mama! Pouch-Ring Sling Hybrid. However the price of purchasing these carriers was a little high for our budget, so I decided to go the route of DIY. :)

Below is a photo tutorial to make what is similar to a moby wrap. I haven’t attempted the ring sling yet, but I’ll post pictures when I do!

Baby Wrap Carrier


5-6 yards of Jersey Knit Cotton or gauze fabric

And that’s it! Well sort of. I ended up sewing on a patch at the front of the carrier so that I could easily find the middle and, well, just because it was pretty. But it’s definitely not necessary!

First, find some fabric in a colour you would like. Due to the fact that I am having a summer baby, I wanted a light colour so that we wouldn’t get too hot when we’re out and about. I was shopping on but you could pick up some Jersey knit at any fabric shop. I picked a bamboo cotton blend in the ‘Natural’ colour if you’re interested. The amount of fabric you need will vary with your size and where you’d like to tie the wrap. I would recommend ordering 6 yards and then trimming it down to a good length.

wrap fabric

I laid the fabric out on the floor and figured out how wide it is. It’s around 60 inches, and you need around 20 inches width for the wrap, so technically you could make 3 wraps out of your 5 yards of fabric. Make an extra for your husband and give one away as a gift! Or make some great swaddling blankets out of the remaining fabric. :)

wrap measurements

Next, I measured out my first width of 20" and made a small cut in the fabric. Then I just tore it the length of the wrap – the jersey knit tears in a nice straight line and it’s end curl up so it doesn’t need any hemming!

wrap torn

Once I had my length of fabric, I tried it on just to make sure it was the right length. With the exception of a prego belly pushing everything up, it was just the perfect length to tie at the front without long tails.

wrap tied

Now here is where you can stop if you’d like. The wrap is ready to use!

butterfly print out

I decided I wanted a butterfly patch on the front of the wrap to help me find the centre easily after those sleepless nights. I found a decent butterfly silhouette on the internet, and used it to cut a butterfly shape out of my desired fabric.

wrap sewing

Once the shape was cut out, it was as easy as sewing it onto the front of the wrap. I used a zig-zag stitch to allow the jersey knit fabric to stretch a bit behind the butterfly.

Here it is stitched and ready to go!

wrap finished

Tying it on is at this point pretty ineffective at showing you how it looks (as seen above!) so I just held the centre portion up so you would see how it will sit when it’s on. I’m excited to get some use out of it now!

wrap on

So basically the steps are:

1. Measure out 5 (to 6) yards of Jersey knit fabric
2. Tear it at a width you’re comfortable with – I wanted 20 inches so I could get three out of the fabric if desired, Moby Wraps are supposedly 21 inches.
3. Add a patch (or button or tag, etc.) to the front to help you find the centre (if needed).
4. Wear with pride knowing the money you saved doing it yourself!

Instructions for tying the baby wrap:

'Hug' hold:

Cradle hold:

Thanks for the reminder Lucy!


Lucy Marie said...

Wow! That's great and it looks so easy. I wonder if even I could do it? How do you know how to tie it? I have two pouch slings but I'd really like one that Evan can wear. The pouches are too small for him, and are flowery and girly.

Teena said...

this blog is so cool, how can I follow? For the first time my husband and I are planning to get pregnant, your blog is inspirational! Happy Transformation Thursday <3

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Giiiiirrrrlll! I can't wait to read all that you've been up to! I've always known that I wanted a baby sling - I like the pouch ones and the ring ones. But I love the one you made! I never really thought about making my own. Love the butterfly!

Teena said...

thanks Jen!


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