Thursday, May 27, 2010

74: great storage find

ottoman 1
I stopped in at Stedman’s V&S store in Meaford on the way home from work today and I picked up a great new item for the baby’s room. Check it out!


Storage is always a top priority in our tiny place, and the baby’s room is no exception. For a while now I’ve been on the look out for a storage ottoman that I can use while nursing and which fits into the decor of the nursery. A friend told me that she’d seen a collapsible storage tote in a couple different patterns available at Stedman’s, so I went to check it out and picked one up.

ottoman 2 Only $15.88!

I chose the ‘tropical’ pattern because of the green leaves, but they also had a damask pattern and two different stripe patterns.

Assembly was super easy, and the bottom is large enough to hold a nursing pillow and blankets or her toys when she’s old enough.

ottoman 3
For now, I’ve found the perfect purpose for it – disguising my sewing machine, supplies, and current project!

ottoman 4

It’s not my favourite item in the nursery, but it does a great job and it’s easy to improve!

ottoman 5


Teena said...

fold down boxes like these are good because you can always store them flat when you don't need them, but a must to hang on to.
Do you have a foto of your crochet jumper that you want to turn into a pillowcase? Let me know when you post it ;-)

Lucy Marie said...

That's really cute. I'm hoping to get a faux leather ottoman like that to match the leather chair I have in the spare room so I can have something to prop my feet on when I'm nursing and also some extra storage space.


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