Sunday, August 8, 2010

1: naturally inducing labour

Tonight we are on the eve of her due date and two weeks from the date Craig needs to return to his duties overseas.  We’re kicking our induction attempts into high gear now that we’ve enjoyed a few days just the two of us, and we hope they will cause some action in the next few days!  If you’re approaching 40 weeks, you may find the below tips helpful!

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

I’ve heard different things from different people, but the midwives told me that this tea is basically a ‘toner’ for your uterine muscles and you can take it throughout your pregnancy to help prepare the uterus for contractions.  As well, it’s helpful after childbirth for helping to contract the uterus and decrease/minimize the bleeding.  I haven’t been taking any so far, so I’ll just be using it afterwards to speed up the recovery time!


Nipple stimulation

I’ll just give you one warning (and also warn you that this may be TMI!!!).  When you are 40 weeks pregnant and your breasts have been seemingly baby-ready for quite some time, this is not so pleasant.  I leak – a lot – while doing this, so it hasn’t been something Craig’s been really interested in helping out with.  I don’t blame him!

  • Only massage one breast at a time.
  • Only massage a nipple for 5 minutes, wait up to 15 minutes to see what happens before continuing with the massage.
  • Do not stimulate the breast during a contraction.
  • Do not use nipple stimulation after the contractions are 3 minutes apart or 1 minute long.

Ok, no more scaring off male readers!



Anytime we can walk somewhere or take the long route we’ve been doing it.  Other than some cramping this hasn’t really started anything up, but I’ll continue to try and walk as much and as far as possible to keep things moving.



I don’t think I need to tell you how to do this one!  In terms of how it works though, sperm contain prostaglandins which cause ripening of the cervix.  As well, some of the other components of sex (e.g. orgasm) will cause the release of oxytocin which causes contractions.




Castor Oil

We’re only planning on using this as a last ditch effort to start labour.  There are concerns over whether it can cause the baby to have a bowel movement inside and release meconium – something we would rather avoid!


Evening Primrose Oil

Starting at 38 weeks (because that’s when we had the natural induction talk with the midwives) take 3-4 capsules of oil once a day.  Evening primrose oil can be taken once you’ve hit full term, and once you’ve hit 38 weeks, you can begin inserting another capsule into your cervix before bedtime.



The midwives gave me Cimicifuga and Caulophyllum with apparently help with softening the cervix and bringing on contractions, respectively.  For around $10-12 at the health food store, you can pick up around 140 ‘pills’ which should be more than enough if you’re not starting until post-40 weeks. 

I’ve been taking 3 of the Cimicifuga twice daily and 5 of the Caulophyllum twice daily.  Make sure you don’t touch the ‘pills’ and empty them directly from the cap into your mouth (under your tongue).   As well, don’t eat or drink anything for 15 minutes before or afterwards.



Jenn said...

At nine days overdue, it was the sex, along with an entire pineapple (which has enzymes in it that may stimulate contractions) that finally did it for us this time around. We tried just about everything else on the list, but that did the ticket...or baby finally decided he was ready!

(P.S. If you have a breast pump you can use it for nipple stimulation, and at least "catch" some of your leakage!)

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Well...your last post was Sunday night so I'm wondering if your sweet girl is her yet! I'm so hoping that she's in your arms right now and that you are loving her, snuggeling her and enjoying mommyhood. I pray that you and Craig are feeling so blessed - pre or post baby! Can't wait to hear if she's here yet!


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