Monday, August 16, 2010

a tiny piece of news

I think you’ll forgive me that I haven’t been posting for a few days. I’ve been a little busy!

Our sweet baby girl made her arrival Saturday night so we’ve been enjoying her and adapting to this new job of being parents.

I’d like to introduce you to Emily!

Emily 1

Some of her ‘stats’:

Name: Emily Paige
Weight at birth: 6lbs 11oz
Length at birth: 20”
How overdue?: 5 days

Emily 2 Can you tell what her favourite position is so far? She’s been making it difficult to get photos without little hands and feet coming up in front of her face!

We can’t believe how small she is considering Craig and I were both LARGE babies, and we’re scrambling to find clothing that will fit her long but skinny frame. She’s got long, skinny hands and feet too, so thus far she’s very much a little slice of her Dad.

I’ll write out her birth story in a few days while it is still fresh in my mind, so check back for that if you’re interested in all the details!


Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Jen, she is absolutely precious!! Oh my, she is just darling! I logged onto your blog just to see if there was any news on your sweet girl and was so excited to see that she is here. I hope you are feeling great and just enjoying this time with your precious Emily and Craig. Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you!

abi & salvo said...

Congrats she's beautiful. what a cutie :)

Lucy Marie said...

Congrats! She is so beautiful! Hopefully I can meet her (and you) sometime soon when we come up to visit the inlaws. Enjoy every minute with your new family.

Julia said...

Oh my goodness!! What a precious little gift from God! She's beautiful! I love her hair and her little rosebud mouth. . . and you are right--what long feet for a tiny girl! Can't wait to hear how the birth went, and what you are loving (or not loving!) about being parents. Enjoy this time!!
(And as a military wife, I suggest taking LOTS of pics of daddy and daughter before he leaves so you have lots to hold onto now, and lots to refer back to later (since there will be many more of you and her during the time he is gone).
bless your little family!!!


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