Saturday, August 7, 2010

2: safety first!

I mentioned a few months ago that I had a bit of an accident with my car.  I wasn’t hurt at all, but my car was a bit worse for wear afterwards and since then Craig and I have been wanting to buy a new vehicle.

new truck 2
We’ve been slowly growing our truck fund (seen at right) for the past few months since becoming debt free and this week while Craig has been home, we’ve been looking around at both trucks and cars to see what might be a good fit for us.  With me off on Mat Leave for the next year and with Craig away the next four months then off on vacation for around three months after that, we really only need one vehicle until next spring, so we’ve made the decision to sell both of our older cars and buy one late model used vehicle.  Come the spring we’ll decide if we can make do as a single car family and as well be making the decision of whether I’ll be going back to work or not. 

Anyways, today we went down to Burlington to look at a vehicle and we ended up purchasing it!  It’s a 2008 Dodge Ram Quad Cab.  Here’s Craig with his (current) new baby!

new truck

We love how much space it has in the cab and the safety features it has for transporting our (welcome anytime!) new baby girl.  It has some great features that are going to make my life much easier come this winter like remote start, 4x4, and heated seats. 

So the truck fund has now been depleted, but the down payment fund for our next home is now our primary savings goal, so watch for that fund to start growing in the near future!

Tomorrow we’ve got church and dinner with family planned, but hopefully my body is planning something else too.  I’m still getting a lot of cramping, so it would be wonderful if that would progress to full on contractions!



Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Too funny! We have the same vehicle, just with bigger wheels, a bit of a 'climb' to get in and out. We love it though. Congratulations!

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

That's the truck we want! My hubby wants a truck (again - we used to have one b4 it died a miserable death) so badly! And I wouldn't mind it too much either. We are big Dodge fans. So happy you got this new vehicle!! A remote start...oooo you lucky girl!!


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