Sunday, July 11, 2010

29: preparing for operation homecoming

P1000710The complete, opposite, reverse of this day.

The time is quickly approaching that Craig will be stepping off of that airplane (after a 16 hour flight, sorry honey!) and I’d like to start getting the house ready for his return. I’m watching the sales flyers for his favourite foods and drinks so it is all stocked up for a relaxing ‘staycation’ in our humble abode. We’d like to go away for the last week of his leave, however with a newborn and a 1 week post-partum mama, it may not be possible.


One of the big jobs I’d like to have done though, is finding a way to transform our bedroom from boring to a ultra romantic hideaway, all the while keeping in mind the fact that the baby girl will be sleeping in there with us in her bassinet for the first few months.

Ideally to do this I’d like to remove some clutter (and perhaps a certain piece of furniture), however it would involve some heavy lifting that I am averse to doing this late in the game. We’re getting to the point now in the pregnancy that labour could be spontaneously induced by too much activity in this hot weather, and with Craig not back for a few more weeks that would not be a good idea! So I’m trying clear out the little clutter that I can manage, and I’ll pull in help closer to the date for moving the big stuff.

Most important though is having good comfort food, a comfy bed, and movies we’ll enjoy snuggling together to watch.

I’ve never been so excited for a vacation at home!


Mandi @ Finding Home said...

So excited for you!! I'm so happy that he'll be able to be home with you. Here's an idea that I recently heard that might add a litle romance to your boudiour. Misquito netting. It's super cheap (I heard about $6) and you hang it from the ceiling with a pin and it's like a sweet little drapey canopy. Turn the lights down low anad light some candles. Instant mood setter. :) I also love that you're stocking up on all his favorite munchies. You're such a good wife!

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