Monday, July 12, 2010

28: fancy pouch sling and nursery lament

Tonight I got to sew another project AND get paid for work – what a great combination!  I ran a ‘craft social’ for the women I work with, and had them come to the Centre with any sort of craft projects they are currently working on at home (i.e. sewing, scrapbooking, crocheting, etc.) so they could socialize while getting some crafting accomplished.  All of the chatting meant it wasn’t the most successful night for completing projects, but everyone seemed to love it, so we’ll be running one again at the end of the month (well, I won’t because I only have 9 more days of work!).

I was trying to figure out what I could work on during the night and I decided I might as well put together that extra pouch sling that I could wear when I’m dressing up.  The fabrics I used are less sturdy than the stretch twill of the other one, so I made it a little less deep expecting to only use it when I’m carrying around a tiny baby.   It still turned out really cute!

fancy pouch 1

I put a rolled up blanket inside to check the sizing…

Check out the instructions on the other page.  These are SO easy to make, although again I made it more difficult than necessary by adding an extra step with the hemming.

fancy pouch 2 I didn’t want the brown fabric to be really visible along the edges of the sling, so I sewed it with the eyelet side slightly wider than the brown side, and then ironed it flat so there was a white band running along both edges.  I then topstitched it down (with a triple stitch for good measure!) to keep the hem in place there.

With all of this sewing I’ve been doing this weekend, I haven’t had a chance to make much progress on the nursery (other than the curtains and bunting) and in fact it is looking a little worse for wear.

Anyone else feel sometimes that they’re taking one step forward and two steps back?

nursery mess 1

On a positive note, I’ve finally gotten the crib all cleaned out (hence the mess everywhere else above…) and now it’s ready for her mattress and crib sheet and we’re baby ready in the crib department!

nursery mess 2

Her first stuffed animal is in there waiting, but don’t worry, it will come out of there when she goes in.  Craig bought it for her in California when he had to go down there a few days after we found out we were ‘unexpectedly expecting’.  It says “I the Army”.


Tomorrow I’m heading to a big farmer’s market with the women at work, so I’ll make sure to take photos of all the great deals and wares I see.  I’m hoping to pick up some produce for my freezer cooking week, but with the humidity and all of that walking, it won’t be very foot swell friendly. :S  I’ve gotta be up at 5:30am, so I best be heading to bed!


Looking for more baby crafts?  Check out my tutorials page for more great ideas!


Lucy Marie said...

It looks like you already have a baby in the pouch! The blanket must have been the perfect size. I also feel like we did one step forward two steps back in the nursery. We ripped the carpet out so that's progress towards actually getting it done, but .... right now it's completely bare.

Mandi @ Finding Home said...

I like that you chose the eyelet fabric - so soft and girlie. And on a completely different note, I can't wait to find out what you name your sweet girl!


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