Saturday, July 10, 2010

30: quick pouch sling

pouch sling

I had some fabric left over from making the ring sling a few weeks ago, so I decided to get back to the sewing machine and create another useful tool for baby wearing this summer and fall.


A lot of the steps are actually the same as creating the ring sling, as I was hemming a single layer of fabric as opposed to sewing together an inner and outer fabric (which I think I’m still going to try, lol). I don’t have a hemming foot for my sewing machine, so it requires me to iron a double fold and sew it down. It’s a lot more time consuming than sewing two fabrics right sides together then turning them right side out!

Anyways, start out with a bolt of fabric, about 2 yards worth and preferably 45” wide. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and cut down the length. You’ll have enough for 2 slings OR for a lining if you’re using a thinner fabric.

Next, fold your fabric in half lengthwise again and then fold down the opposite way like so:

pouch sling 1

To get the custom measurement of your sling, measure the length of your torso from one shoulder to opposing hip . Mine was around 25” (it was hard to get a good measurement with a bump!) and I added a couple inches for seams.

I cut the doubled over fabric at my measurement mark (giving me 54” total) then opened it up and hemmed the long edges. Below are photos of how I hem pretty much everything. You may need to click and enlarge them to see the detail.

pouch sling 2 pouch sling 3

The last step is sewing in the pouch of your sling. Fold it in half lengthwise again, then fold down the opposite way. Cut a half smile shape into the raw end of the fabric. Mine went from about 27” at the folded edge to 25” at the hemmed edge.

Open your fabric up and match the edges of the curve together with WRONG SIDES TOGETHER. Stitch along the edge of the curve.

ringsling 8

Next, turn it right sides together and sew along the seam again, encasing the raw edge. Finally, iron the seam down and sew it down, creating a french seam.

ringsling 10

You’re done! Turn the sling right side out then fold it in half lengthwise to create the pouch.

Here’s my completed pouch:

pouch sling 4

I have some white eyelet material and some brown lining in my sewing box, so I think I might make another sling for when I’m “dressing up”. Update: done!

Happy sewing!

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