Saturday, July 24, 2010

16: upcoming projects

Now that I’m done work for good and have a few weeks of free time ahead of me, I figured I should set some goals for what I would like to realistically complete before the baby comes. 
Most of it you will have read on here before, however I’ve added a few crafts to the list (just in case I wasn’t busy enough!).

1. Freezer cooking
2. Receiving blankets
3. Pacifier clips
4. Pillows
5. Create slipcover for nursing chair
6. Plan some routines and goals for my time once they baby’s here

I’ve decided to wait until Craig comes home before I put anything more on the walls of the baby’s room as I’d like to make the final plans together.  For this reason, the final reveal of the nursery won’t be for a little while yet.

I’m getting a start on the slip cover tonight, so hopefully I’ll have some completed project photos for you soon!


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