Friday, July 23, 2010

17: last day of work

Today was my last day of work for a YEAR and I just got home from running my final program.

Not much to say, just celebrating the 2 weeks I’ve got until she joins us to get some stuff done around the house, relax, and just reflect on this new thing I’ll be experiencing called ‘being mom’.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some decluttering and organizing my mom and I are hoping to get done or maybe an update on how I’m trying to turn our bedroom into a cozy retreat for us during Craig’s time at home.

See you then!



Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Yeah for being off for a year! I just love Canada's maternity/paternity leave system. Such a great thing for families.

Lucy Marie said...

CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE DONE WORK ALREADY!!! Enjoy these last few weeks :)


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