Sunday, July 25, 2010

15: freezer cooking preparations

fridge 6

I think the nesting has begun.

I started the day by going through my recipes for this week’s freezer cooking extravaganza and figuring out my final shopping list for tomorrow.  My mom and I are heading to Costco to pick up the bulk staples we need (and perhaps a cute baby dress or two), so I needed to know the total tally for things like flour, ground beef, and spices.

The Plan to Eat site provided me with a shopping list printout of how much is needed of each item, but I still needed to convert it to the sizes I’ll need to buy in store (e.g. I need 36 cups of flour which translates to 9.96lbs of flour; I’ll buy a 10lb bag).  I also went through the list and crossed off the items that I already have in my pantry as I’ve been purchasing some meats and baking supplies as I’ve seen them on sale.  Lastly, I tried to figure out how many zip-loc bags and tin foil pans I needed to get the job done – I’m not the best at estimating so I may have to run out to the store last minute!  I printed off my final list and have it waiting by the front door for tomorrow!

With all of that done, I spent some time in the afternoon relaxing and trying to keep my feet up.  I ordered a pizza for dinner as I haven’t picked up too many dinner supplies or staples in the wait to go to Costco and the house has been a little warm lately, so I didn’t really want to turn on the oven.

When I went to put the leftover pizza in the fridge and saw how packed it was with expired condiments and duplicates (I haven’t been menu planning very well lately!), I decided my project for the night should be emptying it out in preparation for all of the stuff that will need a place to reside tomorrow.

Here’s the fridge in its original state.  Don’t judge me.

fridge 1


And the door of condiments.

fridge 2

Here it is stark and empty as I even took out the shelves and drawers to give them a really good cleaning.

fridge 3

Some of the shelves are ‘spillproof’ so I can’t get the pane of glass out of them HOWEVER they are most definitely not spill proof as stuff has gotten down into the frame around them.  Annoying.  One of them spent some time soaking in the bath tub in an attempt to get it really clean.  I also cleaned all of the shelves that go on the door by soaking and scrubbing them.

fridge 5


As much as it is exciting to finally be getting some stuff done around here, it’s kind of scary to see a sight like this at 11:30 at night!  I threw out an entire BLACK GARBAGE BAG of condiments and other crap from the fridge.  Turns out I buy apple sauce and salsa a lot and never finish them!

fridge 4 

I finally got the shelves back in and put all of that food back in.  It’s looking really scarce right now, but all of the extra room means I can fill it with healthy fruits and veggies, which is really what I’ve been craving and eating lately anyways – that may be why there was so much expired processed food in there!


fridge 6 The wilty green thing is cilantro that I’m trying to revive!

fridge 7

Does anyone have some good tips on how to organize shelves in a refrigerator?  I never know how far apart I should place the shelves and what I should put on each of them to make it as efficient as possible (and to minimize the amount of food waste). 

Anyways, that was the start of what could be two weeks of exhausting nesting!


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