Monday, July 26, 2010

14: shopping and food prep for freezer cooking

I had this post finished and ready for publication and fell asleepp on the couch thinking it had been done.   Enjoy!


As I mentioned before, today I tried to get all of the necessary shopping done in preparation for the freezer cooking I’m going to be doing this week.

We picked up a couple items at Costco, but overall we were pretty disappointed with the prices.  I was hoping to pick up the meat there, but the selection was so-so and the chicken breasts were 13.99 a kg! 

Here are some of things I did manage to pick up:

- Ziploc freezer bags
- Dried chopped onion
- Hot italian Sausage
- Evening primrose oil (not freezer cooking related - to help induce labour naturally)

Diasspointed, we went over to No Frills, and picked up most of the vegetables, canned and dried goods necessary.

In total, I think I’ve spent around $150 on all of the supplies, with a few more to be picked up this week (namely chicken breasts and some pasta and herbs).  I’ve decided to structure the cooking around the weather predictions for this week and push the casseroles back a few days as Thursday and Friday are supposed to be significantly cooler and less humid, meaning I could open up the windows and put the fans on when the oven is on.

Tomorrow I’ll be getting a start on some of the staples and perhaps some soups once I’m back home from morning coffee.

Have a gerat night!


Lucy Marie said...

I am not usually overly impressed with Costco either - you really have to know your prices to determine if it's a good deal or not. One thing, Dog food is a good deal there. Happy Cooking week ... I've started some freezer cooking as well so I will be glad to have things stocked by baby time.

Jenn said...

Hi Jen, So glad you found me, and likewise that I found you! Congrats on your impending arrival, looking forward to following along in your new journey!


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