Tuesday, July 27, 2010

13: a big cleaning job

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but our dog Kala has a problem.  And by problem I mean inability to properly control her bladder and bowels.  The unfortunate thing is that despite the fact that I am (well, was) gone to work for 9.5 hours a day, it was mostly in the evening when I’m sitting RIGHTTHERE that she would decide she can’t hold it and would pee on the floor where I can’t see it.  No sitting by the door, scratching at it, or barking at me (all normal ‘I have to pee’ signs for Kala), just suddenly relieving herself in a very stinky way on the sly.  She also has a growth on her liver or kidney (I can’t remember which) which has caused her urine to become increasingly putrid in smell.

I thought it was only because I was pregnant that I was having a hard time with the smell, but it’s not – even visiting friends mention the smell when she goes outside.  Now that the weather is nice, I’ve taken to keeping her outside for the evening where she can relieve herself at will, or sending her to my mother in law’s house for stints of time where she has no access to my carpets!

kala 1 So gross.  And so embarrassing.  We have this extra piece of carpet laid down by the door to save it as best we can.

Anyways, long story short, our carpets have become rather soiled during the 2+ years Kala has lived here with us, and with her going in and out of the backyard RIGHT onto the white-ish carpet that is everywhere in our condo, things have started getting a little dingy.  If I try and clean up a pee spot, it is just as obvious on the floor because it is cleaner than everywhere else.  Annoying.

So finally, we’re going to be steam cleaning the carpet in the living room.  It was supposed to happen when we first bought the place but the person never came through, so who knows what the true colour of the carpets are or when the last time is that they were cleaned.

kala 2

Tonight’s job has been clearing off the bookshelves and side tables of their books and knick knacks and vacuuming the surfaces I can reach so that it’s ready for the cleaning tomorrow.  I didn’t get a chance to get started on the soups or staples today but I have the whole afternoon tomorrow after my prenatal appointments, and it’s supposed to be pouring rain, so it’ll be a good day to stay distracted inside (and off the living room carpets!).


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Shannon@sassysister said...

Thats so exciting that you are having your carpets cleaned! It will be so nice for you to not have the "dirty" bother you! you will have to post the end result


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