Monday, June 21, 2010

49: art attack

bright butterfly We are half way through this countdown and I can’t believe how many projects I still need to finish!   I have been putting off quite a few projects because I am still not decided about the direction I want to take with them, and that includes today’s post!


I need to figure out what I want on the walls for art before it gets too risky for this pregnant lady to be up on a ladder.  I want to have pictures of family and of Craig (particularly with him being away), but I’m not sure if they should be up on the walls or displayed on shelves.  The butterflies pictured above are going to be hanging in the corner above her crib/changing table (it’s a pretty big ceiling sculpture) in lieu of a mobile.

Below are some of the supplies I’ve gathered so far to help me to decorate the walls.

art plans 2

I picked up the 3 chunky frames from IKEA a few months ago, and they can hold either 5x7 or 8x10 photos/pictures.  The mirror I repainted in a glossy black, and I have a *general* idea of the wall I would like to place it on in the room.  It’s a heavier object, so I don’t want it hanging over anywhere she’ll be lying.

In the front are the fabric flags for the bunting I’m making (just waiting on one more fabric!), and it will either go over the crib or above the window.

Finally, on the left is a picture that a family friend painted for me when I was 3, and I would like to incorporate it into her room.


art plans 3

As well, I’ve been working on finishing the stencil for her wall.  I decided to paint it on top of this board I already had, as I can then move it around the room as I please, and take it with us when we move.

art plans 1 Ignore the clutter.  I’ve gotten a little behind this week!

I’d love to put it above her crib, as it’s going to say “The Angels Danced the Day You Were Born”, but again, I don’t want anything up there that could fall on her.  I might try and nail it directly into studs in the wall in a couple of places around the frame, which would make it a little sturdier.

So now I need your help.  I’m including some pictures of the room below and the empty walls that need some help. 

art plans 4Crib wall.

art plans 5Changing table wall.


art plans 6 Toy shelf wall.

I’m not above purchasing some pictures or prints, or even above rearranging the furniture if you’ve got a great suggestion!


What do you think I should do to dress the walls up?


Teena said...

Hi Jen! From my early childhood teaching I know that young babies eyes are drawn to faces (with smiles and eyes) and primary colours (Red, blue, yellow). Something I'll be considering too, since now I'm pregnant! (only early days though, 6 weeks) <3 <3

Elizabeth (blue clear sky) said...

Hi, I just found your blog through your 10 list at Shabby Chic Cottage. I was caught by your blog name, being a Canadian from Ontario myself. Was I surprised reading back to an earlier post to see the Georgian Trail and Craigleith. We visit the area several times a month. My sister, niece and hubby and their family, and all my in-laws are in the Meaford area (and surrounding farm country). We hope to buy property in Grey Bruce in a few years.

I became a follower, and hope to visit as you create more posts. We support our troops, and appreciate the sacrifice your family makes for our freedom and safety. God Bless you all.


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