Wednesday, June 23, 2010

47: cookies

cookies 5

I apologize for not posting yesterday.   I had a very busy day on my feet at work, and after dinner I fell asleep on the couch while doing research for a post.  I did wake up before midnight, but to be honest my bed was much more appealing than pulling together a post while groggy.  So we’ve skipped day 48.  I’d still like to do 100 posts during the 100 days, so one day in the next 46 (probably when I’m done work and bored) I’ll do two in one day.


Did you hear that we had an earthquake AND tornado here in Ontario today?  I didn’t feel the tremor myself (maybe I’m getting used to feeling a little unstable?) but I did notice the strange weather here today.  I decided after dinner that I would love to have some chocolate chip cookies, so I set out to make some from the Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe on Our Best Bites.  I LOVE chewy cookies, and this one seemed pretty simple, so I gave it a try.

cookies 1 

I actually didn’t have the baking soda necessary, so I ran out to the grocery store (in the rain) at 8pm at night – it’s the first late-night pregnancy-driven store run I’ve done, so I think I’m doing pretty good!  I also have been driven nuts lately by the smell of the dog in the carpets, so I bought an extra box so I could sprinkle it on the carpets and let it soak up the smellies (and any extra moisture that may be in there after all of this humidity) while I baked the cookies.

cookies 4

And because my house is ridiculously warm today, I couldn’t go without one of my homemade decaf Iced Cappuccino’s (which I’ve started adding 1 Tbsp of hot chocolate mix to, if you’re interested) while baking.

cookies 2Here is the creamed butter and sugar with 1.5 eggs and vanilla.  It was a lot runnier than what I’ve normally seen in cookies, but I figure that was what adds to it’s chewiness later.

cookies 3  

I actually didn’t need all of those cookies (and was more craving the act of making cookies than cookies themselves) so after putting half on a pan, I rolled up the rest in plastic wrap and tin foil and put it in the freezer.  It’s my first addition to my freezer stores for post-pregnancy!

In the end, my cookies didn’t actually look like the ones on Our Best Bites, but I know that could be due to lots of different reasons.  They still turned out tasty and attractive, so I’m pleased regardless.  I’ll let you know tomorrow how chewy the are!



I also got started on my 10 in 10 and got my car cleaned out and installed the car seat base.  I’m going to leave the car seat in the house until it’s time to go to the hospital, so I don’t feel TOO silly having the base installed already.

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stef said...

Fell upon your blog, and greatly appreciate the iced "cap" recipe-coming from the same province i'm guessing the "coffee store" is the same one in my neck of the woods...mmmmm hope tomorrow is as hot as today was so I can enjoy the "cap"


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