Sunday, May 9, 2010

92: sometimes blessings come early

My sweet friend Beth had her baby on Friday, 3 weeks early. She is celebrating Mother's Day today with a 6lb 4oz HEALTHY baby girl at the hospital, and should be home soon to settle into this new part of her life. Her pregnancy was 10 weeks ahead of mine so I always had her to look to to see what was around the next corner. Hopefully early delivery isn't contagious! A right on time delivery would be just perfect. :) She's going to be a pro at mothering infants by the time our little girl comes along, so I'm looking forward to spending time together while on Maternity leave and raising our little girls together.

The newest mom!

I've had a few people wish me a Happy Mothers Day so far, and to be honest I do feel like a mom already, but I think Mother's Day is more for those Mom's that have experienced the trials and tribulations of raising children, or the loss and grief over losing a child.

So today I say thank you to all of the Mom's out there, including my own mom, and to my MIL who raised and blessed me with my wonderful hubby. Mom's are a special blessing!

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