Saturday, May 8, 2010

93: sick day

I've been feeling really crappy the past few days, with a sore throat and some pain in my ears when I swallow. It doesn't appear to be Strep, but we'll see what develops. I cleaned a big pocket of dog fur/lint that was trapped in the door of our dryer the other day, so it could also be aggravated allergies. Either way, I don't have a great post today about what I've learned/done as I'm taking it easy tonight so I can be feeling better tomorrow when I'm spending time with my mum. Today was actually VERY productive in the babe's room (let's just say we put up something fit for a 'princess') as my parents came over with their power tools, but the project isn't done yet so it's not ready to blog. :)

I did want to mention though that despite being almost 27 weeks, and starting to feel quite large (don't worry, I know it get's much worse!), I was pleased last night to realize that I can still reach my toes to paint them.

It's hard to get the outer edges of the nails on each foot as I can't cross my legs over my body so it's far from perfect, but as sandal weather approaches it's nice to have pretty feet without spending a weeks groceries on it!

Scratch the sandal weather part though, we got snow (!!!!) today!

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Lucy Marie said...

I can't wait to see the project you were working on! I hope you feel better.


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