Tuesday, May 11, 2010

90: 6 months

We've made it 6 months!

This is a big week for me and the babe. Not only are we at the 6 month mark but we're crossing over into the '3rd trimester' label, which means she's now working on putting on some baby chub before it's time for us to meet her. Let's hope it's her gaining all of it!

How far along? 6 months

Total inches gained: 12 as of last week - can't find the tape measure tonight! She's been measuring right on in terms of fundal height so far.

Maternity clothes? Fully. I've got to find a formal dress for the Spring Ball this weekend. :S I'd like to find something that I can dress up for the ball but then still wear to church or even dressed down for work. I figure a LBD will work best.

Sleep: Alright. I've been waking up lately with some bad dreams that people are in the house to take the baby or visit the baby and I can`t find them. I'm sleeping with a body pillow now for my hips, and I've started doing some hypnobirthing breathing while falling asleep (more on that later).

Cravings: Lately I've been craving homemade oatmeal with brown sugar and milk! I have yet to succumb.

Aversions: There are still some days when meat is really unappealing, but a good steak cooked by someone else will always win me over.

Best moment this week: Best and worst I guess. Craig wanted me to know that he's been saving all of the pictures he is taking over there on his laptop along with a journal about what he's doing each day so that if he doesn't come home his little girl can one day learn who her daddy was and what he was doing over there. It made me cry, but it was also really nice that he is thinking ahead about her future.

Movement: I swear this baby moves more than most, but I am probably wrong. For a while she was sleeping during a lot of the morning and afternoon but lately it seems she's taking little cat naps between lots of movement all day. She still gets rowdy in the evening though. Those are usually the times I can watch my belly dance. AND my uterus now reaches my ribs so her feet have now gotten in some good kicks. She got the hiccups a couple times this week. It was cute to feel the little repetitive shakes.

Gender: Still a girl as far as we know.

Labor Signs: Twice now I've had what I guess are Braxton Hicks. Just my belly suddenly getting tight and harder, but no pain accompanying it, and it only lasts for a little while.

Belly Button in or out?
Definitely in, but if I pull on the top of my belly a little bit it starts to stick out, so it may be an outie by the end. We'll see!

What I miss: Wine. I'm sorry, but my hubby is away and sometimes I'd just like a glass of wine in the evenings. Oh and the ability to take some sort of cough medicine when sick.

What I'm Looking Forward to: Getting some good movement that is visible outside my belly that I'm able to catch on video. Craig never got to see that before he left (he headed over at 22 weeks so all he'd felt are kicks), so I'd like for him to share in it before she grows too big to move that much.

Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy your pregnancy, even during the bad days. Lately I've been wishing for August to come faster, mostly because it not only means meeting our little girl, but also having my hubby back home again for a short time. It's good to remember that I'm getting to share something very unique with her and it should be treasured.

Milestones: Her eyes have opened! And she kicks and chases a flashlight when I hold it against my belly.

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