Saturday, May 29, 2010

72: nursery chair, part 2


I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was on the hunt for a chair for the nursery – I think I may have found it! I was browsing yard sales in the area this morning and came across a great chair and ottoman for $30. It’s even one from my list!


The IKEA Poang chair was idea because of it’s size, colour options, and lack of moving (finger pinching!) parts. The price though, when purchasing the chair AND ottoman, left something to be desired, so I was overjoyed today when I saw the chair and ottoman sitting on someone’s lawn. It’s not the colour options I wanted (particularly the frame), but it has potential! If I had gone to IKEA to purchase this exact set, it would have been $229!

nursery chair old

Here they are right after I got them home – obviously not in their proper location. Soon after this photo I decided to pull off the covers and give them a wash in hot water. There’s still a small stain or two that I can see, so I’m going to try putting them through a cycle with some bleach in the near future. If not, they’re easy enough to recover in a fabric that will match the nursery. Alternatively, I could just make some covers for these cushions in a bright fun fabric (or perhaps grab one of these to match her lamp), add a throw and it’ll blend right in. The frame I’d like to stain the same colour as the crib (“espresso”), so today I picked up some Miniwax stain in ‘ebony’ and some wipe on Poly. The stain colour is definitely very black! If anyone has a suggestion for achieving a ‘black-brown’ stain colour, it would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve been sitting in the chair for the past hour blogging and checking out the prices on palm sanders, and it is so comfy! It has some great lumbar support for my spine, and lots of room to each side of me in the chair for sitting with a nursing pillow. I think think this may just become my reading chair, although I may want a different spot after I’ve spent hours here nursing! :)

flower light 2

My other find of the day was one of these flower wall lamps. It’s regularly $9 and I got it for $3. A friend recommended them as a great light for at night when you’re changing diapers and don't want the baby woken up by a bright light. The shade of the flower is plastic with little holes that diffuse the light, so it’s enough to clean a poopy bum but won’t make a simple diaper change a struggle to get an alert infant back to sleep!

flower light 1

What did you find today?


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Anna said...

that chair will make a comfy nursery chair, I know I've sat on them a few times on my IKEA trips, and you got a great deal on the light too!

Kristen said...

Great deal on the chair! That is a definite must have for any nursery. And you'll be using that lamp more than you know the first few months! Looks like a darling nursery you are putting together!


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