Wednesday, May 5, 2010

96: the great chair search

We've been trying to decide what we'd like to get for a nursing/rocking chair in the baby's room. I have a comfy wingback chair in there right now, but I'm considering looking for something that has some motion and takes up a little less space in the room.

There are many options out there for gliders and nursing seating, but none of them are the perfect fit for what we're looking for. Our biggest requirements are: comfy for long hours, movement, and not bulky (we live in a small house!). Here are some of the options we've considered (or just drooled over!).

Definitely space friendly, and it's got a pretty nice rocking movement to it once it's worked in. Most colour combinations are around $149 each, so not a bad price, and something we could use in other rooms down the road. It's also got a decent amount of colour options so we should be able to find something that works with our bedding. It has no ottoman (comes separately at $129), which is a negative, however we could get a storage ottoman like the one below for 29.99 at Bouclair.
IKEA Poang $149

Bouclair Foldable Storage Ottoman $29

Really comfy, cute to look at and available in about a million colours and fabrics. Downside? Pretty bulky in size, and over the top in price - Chair is $579 for the frame and $169 for the cover, and ottoman is $219 for the frame and $129 for the cover. Definitely not in our budget. Nice to look at though!

A whopping $1096 for all parts!

Not a bad price for what you're getting ($199) but possibly not the highest quality. Limited colour choices and lots of moving parts for toddlers to get their fingers caught in when nursing I'm nursing siblings down the road. I would probably rather find a used on on Kijiji and recover it in a fabric that matches the nursery.

4. Family Rocker
Lastly, we could use a wooden rocking chair from family. Both of my parents have one that we could use, I would just find a comfy cushion for my bottom. The one is in a darker stain, which is preferable, but I guess I could get someone to restain the other one for me to match the nursery furniture. The best part? Free!

No picture sorry, I couldn't find one online that looks anything like them, and haven't had a chance to have a photo shoot with them yet!

So what would you do? We're trying to balance staying in the budget with comfort for those late night feedings. Plus this is a place for us to cuddle with her and read her books later on, so we'd like for it to be well made and last us a while.

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Becks said...

Hey Jen :) your post reminded me of a tutorial I found a couple of weeks ago:

We were given a glider similar to the Storkcraft one, and it did break after a few months of near-constant use with a colicky baby. Then we just used our la-z-boy, but once Rowan was born I bought an old style rocking chair and it's by far my fave. There's something just so timeless about cuddling a baby and rocking, and it even soothes our big 2 year old to sleep many nights.
It's fine for nursing in now that she's older, but with a tiny baby you'll definitely want some padding because you'll both be learning the ropes.
Anyway, just thought I'd share that link. Congrats again on your baby girl and take care! :)


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