Thursday, May 6, 2010

95: mothers

I got my first mother's day card today. It was much more cute and funny to receive it than it was sentimental, but it's made me excited to spend next year's day with my little one!

Anyways, in honour of Mother's Day, I wanted to share (what I think to be) a great gift idea. I went out for dinner with my Mom and Mother in Law tonight, and we had a great time together. I hope you enjoy the time with your mom's this weekend!

I made these coupons for my mom's birthday last year (her 50th, hence the Nifty Fifty), and Craig and I had to get creative figuring out 50 unique (and not too expensive!) things we could do with her throughout the year. Some of mine included going for pedicures together and hikes, while Craig's were for playing boardgames and going for a cup of coffee. She actually didn't use too many of them without prodding, mostly because she's 50 and she, uh, forgets. The thought behind it is what counts though, and my mom liked that we wanted to do all of those things with her, and that she could space it out throughout the year (they expired on her birthday this year).

The coupons I made up were pretty specific for her 50th, but you could make coupons for any birthday, MOTHERS DAY, or even for gifts at showers, for new brides or moms. A new mom might enjoy a homemade casserole, a free nights babysitting, a pedicure, or even just the offer of a walk.

For families experiencing deployment, you could have them in a booklet, or fold them up and put them in a jar and each day your kids (or yourself!) get to take one out and enjoy whatever is on the page. It could be things as simple as chocolate treats, but it can help kids feel connected to their absent parent if they know they're getting it from the parent, or if they're doing something for the parent that day (i.e. Write dad a letter about what you'd like to do together when he gets back). Alternatively, just fill a jar with chocolates or candies (one for each day they're to be away) and let the kids have one each night. It feels great to see that jar slowly empty, and it makes it easy to throw a couple extra in if the tour gets extended by a couple weeks.

I've included the pdf of the coupons, but I can send people the original publisher file if they'd like to make changes for a different celebration. I hope you enjoy!

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Lucy Marie said...

My mom used to make us coupon books for Christmas every year. It was so special.


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