Thursday, February 25, 2010

Month Four

Lucy did a post today about pregnancy and I thought I would join in on the fun.  Here’s a glimpse into my pregnancy so far…


How far along? 17 weeks this weekend. Yikes!

Total weight gain: From just before Christmas (approximately 6 weeks in) until now, I’ve lost just over 10 pounds.  The doctor was a little concerned the last time, since I haven’t been nauseous at all, so there wasn’t a lot of reason for me to be losing weight, especially at the rate I’ve been eating (constantly!).  She said I might need to start drinking an ensure every day if I haven’t gained anything by my next appointment (next week).

Maternity clothes? Almost exclusively at this point, at least on my lower half.  I’m ok in my pre-pregnancy jeans when I’m up and walking around, but when I have to sit down for extended periods of time (i.e. all day at work), its way too uncomfortable and almost painful, depending on the rise.

Sleep: Good for the most part. I went through a stage of waking to pee every night at 3 am. Lately, that has been happening around midnight. I also usually wake up early early early in the morning to pee, as well.

Best moment this week: Learning the baby can now hear us.  I’ve been talking to myself a lot more (than normal) ever since!

Movement: Little bubbles.  I’ve yet to determine if they’re baby or gas, but it doesn’t seem like normal gas!

Gender: We find out March 15th.  I’m thinking boy so far, and my friend did a ring and a needle ‘test’ on me, and both said boy (the needle one said I’m having a boy then two girls in total), but looking at all of the cute clothes and dresses they have for girls, I’d be ecstatic with either one.  I think Craig would prefer a boy, but he didn’t really have siblings growing up, so I don’t think he knows what he would DO with a girl. lol.

Labor Signs: lol. None, but I’m hoping labour goes as easily as this pregnancy has so far!

Belly Button in or out? Not enough baby yet…

What I miss:
Energy.  And an occasional glass of wine!

Weekly Wisdom: Someone told me that whatever times you get up during the night to pee during your pregnancy is the times your baby wakes up after its born.   I haven’t been waking up during the night to pee too much yet, but I wake up at 6am a lot lately, and try to hold it a little, just in case it’s true!

Milestones: Fitting into maternity clothes was kind of cool.


Pregnancy has been totally different from what I was expecting.  A lot of people told me before that I’d feel ‘different’ when I was pregnant, but other than the lack of energy and a very sensitive nose, I don’t really feel any better or worse than normal.   I wouldn’t mind doing this a bunch more times if it’s this easy here on out.  Although I’m sure having a toddler will cure me of my desire for a large family pretty quick!

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Lucy Marie said...

Maybe you've lost some weight because you are making healthier choices in what you eat? I have been finding myself MUCH more careful about what I eat since I found out I was pregnant ... if you're the same, maybe that's the case?


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