Sunday, October 14, 2012

day 14: the purpose of life

We published this quote in Griffin’s obituary, and it was read out at his memorial.  Author is unknown. 

On the days where my heart is heavy with the gravity of our loss, these words help me to remember that his impact on the world will probably be far greater than mine can ever be. 

There is some solace in that.

" The amount of time on earth matters very little: A man can live in greed and pride for 90 years and never find God, know him or accomplish His Plan. A baby born sleeping on the other hand, teaches people to love, brings people to the Lord, teaches us the tenuous nature of life and teaches us a faith that those who have not suffered loss can never know. A child not even breathing for an hour, can have an impact greater than a famous preacher. The purpose of life is not ours to decide nor in our hands: it is brought about by God." ~ Author Unknown~

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