Tuesday, August 16, 2011

don’t suck at your job

I know we all know the kind.

The people who seem to coast through at work doing the bare minimum and relying on other people to finish their tasks and for some reason or another they are never fired.  It can be maddening to be working your butt off at your job and have a colleague do half the work you do for the same money (or more if they have seniority).

But do you know what? Working hard will have its rewards and there are things you can do to make sure you are noticed at work and that your name comes up next time there’s a promotion.

The JustJobs Academy has a list of 20 rules that you should follow to ‘work smart’ and be successful at your job, and over the next few days, I’m going to be commenting on four of them and how I’ve been successful (or not) at achieving them in the past.

1. Don’t suck at your job.
2. Don’t suck at email.
3. Take notes.
4. Ask for feedback.

Today as you can probably already surmise, is ‘Don’t Suck at your Job’, and as I mentioned above, I’ve worked with a lot of less than desirable co-workers.  Doing a crappy job at work doesn’t just affect the work completed, it also affects  your coworkers who will have to pick up your slack.

Below, I’m just listing some things I’ve found helpful at work:

1. On some sort of consistent basis, do something above and beyond the scope of your job to show your bosses that you have potential to do MORE.

2. Try and quickly master whatever technologies are used so that you will become the go-to person when people have a question.  Whatever can help people notice when you’re not there!

3. Pay attention for feedback your bosses are giving to other employees, not just yourself.  If you can learn what they want before they have to critique you, they’ll notice!

Tomorrow morning, I have a bit to share about emailing and Microsoft Outlook.  Make sure you come back and check it out!


This week I’ve been looking at some work smart rules in an effort to better prepare myself for going back to work part time this fall.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

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