Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 months

Oh Emily!


What a busy month it has been for you!  It has been a whirlwind of crawling, dancing, cruising, and strawberry-eating, and we’re feeling less and less like we have a baby in the house and more like we’re parenting a toddler.  I’m not sure I’m ready for that!

You’re really getting the hang of your words now and will say bye and wave your hand whenever you catch sight of yourself in a mirror or when your Daddy or I say it to you.  You’re still a little stage shy about speaking in front of other people, but you’re slowly becoming accustomed to using your words even when people are watching.


You finally got in your 4th tooth (about a month after the 3rd one) and you’re now biting through (and on, ouch!) things like a champ.  We’ve reached the stage now that besides certain highly allergenic foods and most processed, chemical filled ones, you’re eating everything we’re eating and without too much fuss on our part.  I think that’s quite an accomplishment for a 10 month old!  You drink pear juice when you’re feeling constipated, but otherwise you’re still just drinking water from a sippy when not nursing.  We took the plunge and let you try a strawberry a few weeks ago and they’ve quickly become your favourite fruit.   Mama found some nice, small (meaning sweeter typically), organic ones at the store and you kept smacking your lips for more!

You’re also becoming quite the devious little munchkin.  Any time you can get your hands on a box of tissues or something shiny or paper, you’ll have it torn apart in no time.  More than once I’ve walked into the living room and found you surrounded by a downy layer of tissues and an empty box.


With the arrival of the warmer weather, we’ve been spending our time picnicking on blankets, cooling off in your pool, and camping with Daddy.  You quickly proved how adeptly you could find your way off the blanket and to the dirt and grass at the side, which of course ended up straight in your mouth!

IMG_0753 1

You’ve been pulling up on furniture for a while, but soon after a get together with your friend Eva, you started crawling like a champ and you cruise around the furniture non-stop.

I’m sure there’s much more than you learned to do this month that I am forgetting about, but this is already 5 days late, and you’re not leaving me much time for blogging lately! 

We cannot wait to see what the next few months bring, and are waiting with baited breaths for when you will take those first few steps on your own.  We’ll be heading to the strawberry patch soon, and I’m hoping you’ll be standing on your own then so we can get some great shots of you eating berries right off the plant. 

Love you,


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Lucy Marie said...

we took the plunge and did strawberries this weekend, actually. we have so many fresh in the garden that it seemed unfair to not let her try them. She ate a few straight from the plant, too Happy 10 months, Em!


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