Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wee one wednesday: a babe in the woods

We got the chance to go camping over the long weekend, and had a great time together despite the rain!

Emily was a champ about it and slept better than the two of us in our (too small for our bigger family) tent.  It is a backpacking tent designed for 2, which if you know tents, means it is a tight fit for two adults.  We sleep on a double air mattress in there, so you can imagine the lack of space when you add a 9 month old and rainy nights (meaning DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH THE SIDES OF THE TENT!?!!).

IMG_0773I laugh at this photo because the perspective makes her feet look massive, but really the girl has undersized size 2 feet!  And her Mama may have had her wearing sandals that are a bit too big (they’re size 6-12 months) for her little tootsies.

We had the brilliant idea to bring her clip-on high chair with us and clip it onto the picnic table at the campsite, which gave us some reprieve from trying to keep her corralled on a blanket or in her stroller.  I had remembered a plastic table cloth so she was able to feed herself just like she normally does all weekend.


The second you set the girl down on a blanket lately, she makes a beeline for the grass or dirt at the edge of it.  Mostly she just plays with it, but I know she’ll be trying to eat it if left to her own devices for too long, so I’m constantly moving her back to the centre of the blanket. 


We walked along the beaches while we were away camping, and Em had her first experience with sand, but I hadn’t remembered the camera so we’ll have to stage it again sometime in the near future.  She just poked at it with her finger and lightly pinched at it, but come summertime I’m sure she’ll be digging away at it while (hopefully!) waddling around.

I also missed documenting our first outing for sushi as a family (she just had chicken fried rice, don’t worry!), but seeing as Craig and I both seem to like sushi (we knew it before but hadn’t shared it with each other…), we’ll be making it a more regular occurrence!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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