Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dear Emily,

**Only 4 weeks late, right?  I’ve still got to post on her baby dedication service too!! Oy ve.  Hopefully sometime soon life slows down just a bit.**



Well sweet girl, we’ve made it half way to a year.  Mama’s already got ideas for your 1st birthday party swirling around in her head, but in the mean time we have a lot to celebrate.  This has been a BIG month for you and I can’t believe everything you’ve accomplished.

At the beginning of the month you were strong enough to sit up straight, but had no understanding about the balance needed to stay that way.  We noticed you were wanting to sit up all the time (as opposed to wanting to stand as you have the past 4 months!) so we would sit you up in the middle of the nursing cushion with your toys when you were playing on the floor.  After only a few weeks, you were about to sit up on your own without automatically tipping over when reaching for a toy and about a week before you hit 6 months, you were able to play sitting up completely on your own.  We’re so proud of you!

We’ve been nursing some budding teeth for a few months now, but this month they finally decided it was time to make an entrance.  Starting right after the five month mark, you were hurting over them every evening (making sleeping difficult) and you wanted to nurse constantly to help with the pain.  A few frozen bananas along the way probably helped as well, and right at 6 months you finally woke up with with a little tooth sprouting out!  We’re loving that toothy little grin you give us now!

Oh!  I nearly forgot!  This month we also heard the delightful sounds of your expanded vocabulary!  We’re not nearly at the stage of real words yet, but you love to ‘talk’ to us in a language of ba-ba, la-la, wa-wa, and DA-DA!  Did we ever clap in excitement when you came up with that one!  You don’t say it TO your Dada yet, but I’m sure you’ll make the association soon.  Not that I would mind you getting Mama in as your first word!  Don’t forget who it is that feeds you and gets up with you every night, ok?

Your 6th month was also one of the crappiest you’ve had so far.  You woke up towards the end of the month with a cold and lots of congestion, and ever since you’ve hated lying down flat in your crib.  We’ve tried just about everything, but we may just have to wait out this cold.  I know you’ll be back to your normal, sleeping through the night self, soon.

I can’t believe how much you’ve changed over the past 6 months.  When we first brought you home you were so itty bitty and just wanted to cuddle all of the time, and now you’re babbling and trying to crawl and STILL just want to cuddle all the time (and Mama’s arms are getting tired!).

DSC02443Finally home!


first 6 months
One through six months.

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Lucy Marie said...

Happy 6 months Em! Can you believe we've been Mommys for this long? Wowza...


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