Sunday, January 23, 2011

52 weeks of organizing

Craig and I have made an appointment to go and look at that house on Monday (as well as a similar one down the road), but I have a feeling we’re probably not going to take the plunge at this time. A lot is still up in the air in terms of where he will be working, if we’ll have to be moving for his job, and if I will be going back to work in August. Living where we are right now, we’re able to put a couple thousand in savings each month even with me on Mat leave, and I’m leery to go from that to being house poor when we lose that last 55% of my income. We want to make the decision as to whether I will stay home with Emily based on what we want for our family and not because of house (or auto, cell, credit card bill) payments.

That house though, it could tempt us. We will see.

Regardless of whether we will be moving sometime soon or not for another year or so, it’s never a bad a idea for us to continue simplifying our condo so that it’s not just easier to live in in the mean time, but also so that we don’t have as much to move when the time comes!

Laura at is having a 52 weeks of organizing series, and I’m taking up the challenge and hoping to complete one organizing project each week. Below are my plans each week (so far). I will update it each week with what I’ve accomplished and what new tasks I’ve added.

1. Toy area for Emily in Living Room
2. Toiletries in Ensuite
3. Coats, hats and gloves
4. Kitchen utensils and gadgets
5. Books and magazines
6. Cooking areas
7. Paper clutter control
8. Emily’s closet
9. Laundry supplies
10. Pantry
11. Tools
12. Junk drawer

As you can see, I don’t have a full list yet, but I’m just getting my creative juices running in terms of what I can whip into shape around here.

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