Wednesday, November 10, 2010

clutter-free Christmas goal


Inspired by the folks at Young House Love, I’ve decided that our home needs a little de-cluttering.  Christmas always seems to bring in a new wave of ‘stuff’ (necessary, wanted, or not) and we have very little room in our little condo as it is!

So, from now until Craig comes home (early December) I am planning on getting rid of 100 possessions.  This could include clothing, home decor, tchotchkes, baby stuff, or books – the possibilities are endless!

To start things off, tonight I got rid of two expired bags of Doritos Cool Ranch chips from our pantry.

Along these same lines, I joined a ‘biggest loser’ competition with some other mom’s in my town, so for the next 5 weeks I’m working on getting rid of some body clutter at the same time.  For the purpose of accountability, my beginning stats were: 154.4lbs, 29.9% body fat.  Wish me luck!

1 comment:

Teena said...

I have so much clutter to take care of myself, to make room for when my baby comes! Good luck with your weight lose goals! <3


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