Saturday, September 25, 2010

deliver me

My posts the last few days about labour and delivery were very much about the physical (and painful!) aspects of labour, however I wanted to share a little bit about the emotional and spiritual aspects of delivery.

For the most part, I could take or leave the labour part of the journey – the best part of that process was just how bonding it was for Craig and I as leaned on him (literally and figuratively) and he was there and perfect in his response to me every moment I needed him.  Otherwise, labour was just a long period of painfulness that got us to the best part: Delivery.

I LOVED every moment of delivering Emily.  As I described in her birth story, my labour started with the spontaneous breaking of my waters, so right from the beginning my contractions were hard and strong – great for moving labour along, but not much else!  After the gave me the oxytocin to bring my contractions back, they grew to be even worse, so delivery was also a reprieve from the pain of contractions.  Sure there was still pain associated with each contraction, and the added ‘pressure’ of pushing, but none of it mattered anymore as it was all so…


I can’t think of a better way to describe it.  More than any other time in my life, I was simply a vessel for what God had created, and I felt it.  Every moment and breath while I was pushing was so empowering and full of purpose and after many weeks spent praying that God would be present and provide us with a peaceful and uneventful birth, I was glad He was there providing it! 

On a less serious note, as much as I enjoyed delivering Em, I am much more enjoying having her here to cuddle with and smile at me (did you see her latest new skill!?) however I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I am looking forward to doing it again in the future.  As in planning out the details of our next birth.  There was a certain high associated with being so sleep deprived and deliriously happy to FINALLY be welcoming her, so it’s a distinct possibility that I could have developed an addiction to delivering babies! :P

hospital 8

Luckily, if the way I breezed through pregnancy and labour and delivery so well is any indication, I think I was made to have babies and can fuel that addiction.  I guess that means I should have lots! (Don’t tell my hubby!)  The midwives kept saying “wow, look how well she’s pushing – she’s so good at it!” and showing the nurses who came in, but I am 99% sure that’s probably they something they say to all women in labour to be motivational.  Who knows.


How did you emotionally experience labour and delivery?


(eta: alright, so by the time I got this finished, it was no longer a few days after posting her birth story – it’s taking me a long time to finish posts now!)


Val said...

Congratulations on your labor & beautiful girl. I also did hypno birthing (I've commented before on your blog..) I agree with you that I may be "addicted" to pregnancy and giving birth! I had 4 kids and unfortunately- we're done (for sure, thank's to hubby's procedure!) I could have had 5 but we had to be realistic. Financially I'm not sure we could swing it and emotionally, I don't think our marriage can handle the responsiblity of 1 more life! I often think back to my labors and smile. I love how the whole world seems to stop when you're in labor. It is both "magical" and spiritual. Good luck with your others!

Teena said...

It's so good for me to read this. My first baby is due in a few more months, and we're currently doing the ante-natal classes, etc. So much to learn and it's so very exciting! Thanks for sharing <3


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