Wednesday, July 14, 2010

26: market finds

I shopped the farmers market yesterday and dinner tonight was a random collection of my yummy finds.

Fresh Ontario asparagus sautéed in butter and garlic.  Yum!  I used my fingers to eat it!


I also picked up this olive oil.  Not really typical farmers market fare, but it’s the tastiest oil I think I’ve ever had. 

olive oil

I enjoyed it with a loaf of fresh baked bread (well, par baked from Costco that I finished the cooking on!) with a drizzle of balsamic.


I also had some Spicy Honey Chicken to get in my protein.

All delicious!

I also picked up some fresh corn, kettle corn, and while at the market I had some freshly made lemonade.  If walking around all morning wasn’t so bad for my ankles these days, I would visit the market more often!


That’s all for me tonight as I’m resting with my feet up to try and reduce some of this yucky swelling.


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