Thursday, July 15, 2010

25: 5 great things about a big pregnant belly

We’re still looking for the positive over here at Canadian Rhapsody!

5. People are more likely to hold doors open for you or let you go ahead of them at the grocery store (particularly when you’re carrying a basket!).

4. The ability to park in the ‘expectant mothers’ spaces at the store (I waited until around 8 months to do this… before that I just felt bad when I’m perfectly capable walking a little farther).

3. The inability to see your swollen, icky feet when standing.

2. A built in shelf for holding your plate while eating dinner.

1. The fact that there is a growing, beautiful baby in there almost ready to come out!

ETA: I started this list attempting to find 10 great things but just couldn't do it. I'm so ready to have this baby out! She's gotta wait 3 more weeks for her Daddy though.


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